Paul’s Jimny

Paul’s Jimny has been built from the ground up over the past seven years. The aim was to create a 4X4 that will cruise at 110 and tow the custom-built camper trailer, yet still be able to head out bush and mix it up with the big trucks. The little Jimny is sporting a Liana VVT 1.8L engine, match ported head, custom exhaust system, 4.09:1 diff ratios, 235/75R15 BFG KO2s, and about 100mm of total lift… we’re pretty sure he’s nailed it. You’ll need to keep an eye out for Paul’s Jimny, ’cause there’s a pretty good chance we’ll be featuring it as a custom in an upcoming issue!



When you own a Pajero, and you’re sick of your mates telling you to ‘get a real 4X4’, you’ve got a couple of choices. Either you sell the beloved Paj, and buy a ‘real 4X4’ to keep the mates happy, or you jam a set of muddies under your fake 4X4 and wheel harder than your mates. That’s exactly what Jo and Mark have done with their mighty NL Pajero. Without even needing to touch up the guards with the angle grinder to fit the 35’s, Mark and Jo have thrown a set of sliders under it, a bullbar, winch, and GQ Springs in the rear of the Paj. Always remember, it’s not about how big or tough your 4X4 is – it’s about getting out there and using it… And maybe even showing up the haters while you’re at it!



Living deep in Victoria, and working at the local ARB outlet, chances are you’re going to have a rather well-built vehicle… to show off the gear and also because there’s an even better chance you’re a passionate 4X4er. Enter Sandy and his HiLux. He’s built it up to do High Country and snow trips whenever he’s not at work. The ’Lux has an ARB front bar, Intensity spotties, Warn winch and the roof cage up top holding a double row of LED lightbars. A set of Halo aftermarket headlights keeps the low beam on track and ARB bashplates look after the undercarriage of the HiLux while the 50mm lift gets it up in the air. Not a bad play truck at all, mate!



Ren picked up his 2008 Ford Ranger LTD as a tow rig for his 18-foot Coramal off-road caravan. It’s then had a few modifications thrown at it, to make it a capable rig for when he heads off-road – both with and without the caravan. Under the bonnet you’ll find an extra 100Ah battery wired up to a CTEK Dual 250S system and solar panel. From there, he’s got 3-inch exhaust from the turbo back, a 50mm lift, GME radio, snorkel keeping the air clean (and water out), as well as an ARB compressor looking after inflation duties. Not a bad rig to choose for a tourer, mate!