ARB offers front-axle-load increase via Old Man Emu

By Josh Needs 3 Min Read

ARB has released new front-axle-load upgrades which increase carrying capacity by 170kg via a certified Old Man Emu suspension kit for Ford Ranger, Toyota HiLux and LandCruiser (200 and 79).

With the crackdown on overloaded vehicles, it’s vital to keep your 4X4 within the registered capacity. However, modifying and accessorising your four-wheel drive means that weight adds up.
To that end, ARB, which already provides GVM upgrades is now, via an OId Man Emu suspension package, able to increase the factory, front-axle-load capacity by up to 170kg depending on the vehicle.

Ome Axle Upgrade1

ARB said, “The final weight over the front axle of your vehicle is often determined by the weight over the rear axle, as more rear axle weight will reduce the downward pressure over the front axle. Therefore loading and unloading of weight on the rear of a vehicle, such as unhitching a trailer or removing your touring gear, can play havoc with weight distribution across your front axles in accordance with the manufacturer’s front axle load limits.


“To assist in providing greater flexibility in managing load variations as you need, ARB offers a range of Old Man Emu front axle capacity upgrades for the most popular 4×4 models when installing an Old Man Emu suspension package. With up to an additional 170kg of verified front axle load, tourers and tradies alike can have peace of mind that dynamic shift in weight distribution is being aptly supported across both axles.”

The front-axle-load upgrades come standard with any full Old Man Emu Nitrocharger or BP-51 suspension kit with a certification attached to the vehicle’s door pillar. Customers who have already had an Old Man Emu suspension kit fitted to applicable vehicles can organise for their 4WD to be assessed for compliance with the upgrade retrospectively.

Currently, the front-axle-load upgrades are only available on Toyota Hilux GUN 125/126, LandCruiser 200 Series VDJ200R and URJ202R, LandCruiser 70 Series VDJ76R/78R, LandCruiser 79 Series Single and Dual cab VDJ79R, and Ford Ranger PXIII.

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