Bendix launches 12V brake controller

By Dan Everett 2 Min Read

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see how serious Bendix is taking the 4X4 market as of late. They’re investing massively in brake upgrades to suit all budgets. From improved pad compound right up to large diameter rotors and disc brake conversions. They’re all in on 4X4s. What is surprising though, is seeing just how wide they’re willing to cast the net on 4X4 brakes. Their latest launch, the Ultimate Tow electronic brake controller looks like that net might be massive.


Designed and engineered right here in Australia, the Ultimate Tow features a sleek OEM-style dial with the rest of the unit tucked out of sight. The main control box has a rugged aluminium construction and can be installed on any angle. There’s also a 1.28m cable connecting the control unit to the box so it can be stashed away in the deep recesses of your dash in an otherwise unused space.

The Ultimate Tow boasts a unique braking algorithm, user-controlled intensity, and an over-ride function as well. That’s perfect for reigning in trailer sway, or for steep technical work heading down hill. Bendix are also quick to point out it’s compatible with the ALKO electronic stability control systems. Something that’s becoming more popular in campers and caravans.

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With a three-year warranty, and a $259 retail price the Bendix Ultimate Tow brake controller is another solid option for people looking to tow safer.

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