What do you get when you cross a hybrid camper with a toy hauler? The Condamine ATV Camper, of course.

In the past, there have been equipment trailers and camper trailers. Then came the toy haulers which were really equipment trailers with rooftop tents. Now we have a purpose-built camper combined with the load capacity of an equipment trailer. A fine point… yes. But what we are seeing now is that the accommodation aspect of the toy hauler doesn’t have to be compromised. So let’s jump straight in and look at the difference. The ATV Camper is based on the Condamine Camper recently reviewed in RV Daily Issue 022. The chassis is the same but more importantly the sleeping accommodation is similar – having a solid insulated roof. After a hard morning on the ATV or dirt bike, you could actually get a kip in before hitting the trails in the afternoon.
Hot sunny days? Not a problem.



The Trailer

So, what can this trailer carry? For a start, two full-sized ATVs side by side, or perhaps a few dirt bikes, or a combination. The trailer has a rear platform area of nearly six square metres with measurements of 2.7m long by 2.2m wide. The payload for the trailer is 1,100kg and it can still be towed by a Prado.


The rear deck can be set up for a multitude of options with heavy-duty tie-down rails bolted to the chassis. Under the deck is the hot-dipped galvanised chassis with heavy-duty rails running the full length of the trailer. Incorporated into the chassis are two separate water tanks. The 125L front tank is for the kitchen and shower while the rear 200L tank is used to balance an empty trailer as well as being used for the high-pressure wash-down pump.  


The outlet for the wash-down hose is located on the front of the rear deck next to the compressed air outlet (suitable for airing up tyres). A jerry can holder and two 4.5kg gas bottles are also located here, out of the way. The gas bottles are connected to an outlet at the front of the trailer for the kitchen.



To ensure that your gear is kept safe during travel on those rough tracks while getting to your destination, the suspension is Vehicle Components XT independent suspension and it performs well. There is the option to fit the latest VC airbag ATX suspension (this is handy for leveling the trailer). Tyres and wheels can be matched to the tow vehicle.


One of the design requirements was that the fully-loaded trailer could be towed by a mid-sized 4WD such as the popular Prado. The rear door of a Prado can be fully opened over the drawbar of the attached trailer. If you don’t like the colour of the trailer, it can be matched to your tow vehicle.


The Camper

The sleeping accommodation has an inner-spring queen-sized mattress and you won’t get wet going to bed if it’s raining outside as there’s a good sized awning covering the entry. Lights and power to charge devices are built into the bed area. On top of the insulated roof there’s a 200W solar panel.


Underneath the sleeping area is a massive storage area of around two cubic metres. It is actually bigger than some tents I’ve had! This is a huge storage space that is easily accessible to take all that extra gear required for your ATV or dirt bike adventures. Next to the hatch for this storage space is the hot and cold outdoor shower. On the other side of the storage area there are the two inlet points for the separate water tanks.


On the offside of the camper is the huge Supapeg awning that covers the kitchen and the space either side. The kitchen is well appointed with a three-burner stove, a sink with hot and cold water and a huge food preparation area suited to a chef! The storage in the kitchen is also capacious and could store enough food for a footy team.


The control centre for the electrics is housed in an easily accessible panel above the fridge. In addition to this, there’s a remote controller for the lights and power so you can operate them without getting out of your chair or bed. The electrics are run off a 100Ah battery –which can be upgraded to more AGMs or a lithium system.


In summary

This is an incredibly versatile trailer that can carry your toys and you don’t have to compromise on the camper side of things. As purely a camper trailer, this is an impressive unit. Add to that the ability to carry a 1,100kg payload, and the ATV Camper is definitely worth considering if you have lots of toys and also enjoy a good night’s sleep after a good feed.


  • Good value versatility
  • Impressive payload
  • Great kitchen
  • Loads of features
  • Needs more battery power
  • Needs two people to set up/pull down




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