Electric 4×4 Isuzu D-Max confirmed for Australia

By Evan Spence 3 Min Read

Now, this isn’t a debate about EVs and their pros and cons, this is just a news story to confirm that Australia will be getting an electric Isuzu D-Max. 


What’s the story? 

Sadly, details are thin on the ground, including release dates. However, Isuzu says we will see their electric D-Max ute on Australian shores. Isuzu claims this new battery-powered D-Max will still be able to carry a load of 1000kg and tow 3500kg. Interesting stats indeed. 

What sort of power?

Isuzu’s first electric D-Max will feature dual electric motors. The power figures are 40kW for the front axle and 90kW for the rear. This provides a combined output of 130kW and 325Nm. Battery-wise, there is a 66.9kWh lithium unit. The top speed is a claimed 130km/hr, and the max range is expected to be 300km (in ideal conditions I’m going to assume). 

What Isuzu has to say

“D-Max BEV has been developed to meet a broad range of commercial and passenger vehicle needs while retaining the tough underlying performance expected of pickup trucks,” said the team from Isuzu.

“The full-time 4WD system with newly developed e-Axles in front and rear offers excellent performance on rough roads and a linear acceleration feel characteristic of BEVs – all while minimizing noise and vibration.”

“Furthermore, high towing capacity is ensured by adopting high-power electric motors along with a robust frame and body design, allowing the D-Max BEV to perform just as well as existing diesel models.”

When do we think it will arrive? 

Isuzu’s D-Max BEV (a bit of a mouthful, right) will launch in “select mainland Europe markets such as Norway in 2025” followed by Australia, the United Kingdom, Thailand, and “other countries based on market needs and the maturity of EV charging infrastructure.” 

So it’s fair to say we should see it here from late 2025 or early 2026. We will update this story as more information comes to hand. 

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