Product Safety Recall: 12V Kettle

12v Electric 7681 Kettle

The ACCC has issued a Product Safety Recall on a 12V kettle.

A Product Safety Recall has been issued on a 12-volt kettle sold by Supercheap Auto from 2008 through until April 2020. The issue, according to the ACCC recall notice, is that the coil inside the kettle may overheat, smoke and cause a fire. The kettle is a 500ml grey 12-volt kettle, with a space in the back to house the cord. The 12-volt cord attached is the same grey as the body of the kettle, however, includes a black standard 12-volt cigarette socket plug.

According to the recall, “if a fire occurs, there is a risk of serious injury to the user”. Who would have thought? Those who own this specific kettle are requested to cease using it immediately and return it to their nearest Supercheap Auto store for a full refund.

More information on this and other Product Safety Recalls can be found on the Supercheap Auto website.




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