Narva Garage DIY Series

'narva Garage' Videos Spark Diy Learning During Lockdown

It seems the team at Unsealed 4X4 was not the only one that thought a few DIY videos would be a good idea while locked down by the crappy coronavirus, with the Narva Garage DIY series providing some great advice on auto-electrical tips and techniques.


The short videos are are aimed at providing quick and informative answers to some common auto-electrical questions, as well as safe and best-practice DIY advice. They are generally around one to two minutes duration and are hosted on Narva’s website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Launched just before the COVID-19 lockdown, the Narva Garage series is aimed at helping people feel more confident with auto-electrical products and services, as well as understanding some of the associated terminology such as lux and lumens in LED lighting and what relays do in vehicle-starting systems.

“The simplified language used in each video retains a broad appeal and may even assist industry professionals and retailers in explaining auto-electrical concepts to their customers,” Narva Marketing Manager, Jake Smith says.

The series is hosted by workshop owner, mechanic and 4×4 specialist Adam Adler, who won the ‘Face of Narva’ competition, along with co-presenter and competition runner-up Ross Watson.

“With COVID-19 lockdown still in force, Narva Garage may help the more restless car enthusiasts and DIY’ers to grow their knowledge, ignite passion in an idle project or have a shot at something new,” Jake Smith added. “In upcoming episodes, viewers can catch a behind-the-scenes look at the sophisticated testing labs in Narva’s Research and Development Centre, located in Melbourne. This facility, which is ordinarily closed to public viewing, is home to some very special and advanced testing equipment which is critical to the development of Narva’s product range and reputation for quality.”

Narva also encourages viewers to leave suggestions on topics they would like to see covered in future videos. See the Narva website, Facebook page or search for Narva Garage on YouTube.




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