REDARC releases new third-generation Manager30

Redarc Manager30

REDARC has released its third-generation Manager30 unit which is on-sale now and claimed to offer an improved install process and software functionality.

REDARC has released its third-generation Manager30 battery management system which it claims offers an improved install process and software functionality and more mounting options.


REDARC is selling the third-generation Manager30 with either the original display or with a RedVision display. The original display Manager30 lists at $1964.53 and the Manager30 with the RedVision display lists at $2395. It also claims the Manager30 operates like six products in one; powers an auxiliary battery from your vehicle while on the move, 240-volt charger, solar regulator, dual-battery isolator, load disconnect controller and remote battery monitor.

REDARC claims the Manager30 is compatible with all common battery types including Lithium Iron Phosphate. The Manager30’s advanced DC-DC charging algorithm is said to provide optimal charging for all common battery types even if they have a different chemical characteristic from the vehicle’s primary battery.

When asked about the new-generation Manager30, REDARC’s Managing Director, Anthony Kittel said, “Industry and customer feedback plays a key role in our product development process. We are proud when we can announce a development, which demonstrates our commitment to continuous product improvement, innovation and customer service. The next generation Manager30 not only features updates which will improve performance and improve installation flexibility, it now gives customers a choice of how they can monitor their battery usage with the option of using the RedVision display which can also connect to a SmartPhone app to allow remote monitoring.”

The Manager30 range comes with two-year free warranty, and technical support if you have any questions that arise. For more information click here




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