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Rhino-Rack launches the ultimate LandCruiser 300 roof gear

© Rhino Rack
© Rhino Rack

Rhino-Rack has become one of the first brands to launch roof racks that are specifically made for the LandCruiser 300. From the iconic ‘79 right up to the brand spanking new 300, Rhino-Rack’s gear is designed to excite and accommodate the overlanding enthusiast. The extensive range includes Rhino-Rack’s Pioneer Platform, Backbone Mounting System, Vortex Legs and Two Bar Roof Rack, along with a selection of compatible accessories.


Have you been dreaming about how you’d fit the new Landcruiser 300? Read on to find out what gear could accommodate you on your future adventures.

Rhino-Rack roof gear
© Rhino Rack

The Pioneer Platform

Like all great setups you need a strong foundation, this is where Rhino-Rack comes in with the Pioneer Platform. This durable load carrying solution features 100% load capacity. It’s been tested in the harshest of conditions, so you know you can count on it.

Pair it with the Backbone Mounting System

For an award-winning solution, you can pair the Pioneer Platform with the Rhino-Rack Backbone. With the vehicle in front of mind, the duo have been specifically designed by Rhino-Rack to complement and follow the contours of the Landcruiser 300’s roof.

This stylish duo – which offers a seamless integration – is compatible with the LandCruiser 300 GX, GXL, VX, Sahara, Sahara ZX and GR Sport. The result? A setup crafted for the ultimate outdoor adventure.

Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform with SX Legs
Pioneer Platform with SX Legs © Rhino Rack

Or choose the SX Vortex Legs 

If you’re a traveller, cyclist, surfer or tradesperson, you might want to consider combining the Pioneer Platform with the SX Vortex Legs. For light off-road use, this roof rack system comes in two sizes. It’s both quick and easy to install and remove. 

If you’re keen on a cross bar solution, you’ll want to check out the Vortex SX Black 3 Bar Roof Rack (JA9143), also available for LandCruiser 300 vehicles.

Add in some of the accessory range

Each person has a unique style and idea around their gear, which is why Rhino-Rack have created bespoke solutions. The Pioneer Platform is compatible with a range of over 90 Rhino-Rack accessories, including a sunroof and snorkel. Don’t worry, installation is super quick and easy, so you can spend more time overlanding than preparing.




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