Why you should join a 4WD club

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Life with a 4X4 isn’t just about the vehicle that you drive. It’s the memories you create and the skills you gain. As well as the trips you take and the people you encounter on the road. One way to share memorable experiences and stories is in a club filled with like-minded people who share the same passion.


If you’ve never heard of a 4WD club, or have been on the fence about joining one, read on to find out why we think you should consider it.

Fine-tune your skills

Every 4WD club under a state 4WD club association has a trainer and a training program. All members must take part prior to attending trips with the club. No matter your experience level, there’s a huge emphasis on improving and refining your behind-the-wheel skills, or learning from scratch. Too many mistakes are reported happening off–the-beaten-track, resulting in accidents and damaged vehicles. Join a 4WD club to improve your skills, confidently tackle any track you come across, and begin to change this statistic across the 4WD community.

Mental health support

The last few years have been isolating for the majority of Australians who were subject to COVID-19 lockdowns. Hit up your local 4WD club and enjoy meeting se  others who share your off-road passions and interests! Most clubs organise regular meet-ups, so you’ll have plenty of time to form new friendships along the way. 

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Broaden your horizons

Some of the best tracks to shred the dirt aren’t available on Google. Enlist in a 4WD club to pick up spots passed on by word-of-mouth from fellow explorers. As well as seeking out the best locations, members of your club will be able to provide valuable advice based on their experiences, including driving techniques, best practices and any top tips when it comes to exploring those secret spots! 

Help behind the scenes

Clubs are constantly working with local governments and land managers to create challenging 4WD tracks to explore across the country. If you’ve always wondered how a 4WD track was created, you’ll be a part of the experience from the get-go as a member of a club. 

Whether it’s to foster and grow new friendships or to get more involved with the 4WD community, there are many benefits to joining a 4WD club. To find your local 4WD club, simply search your area online, or ask other local 4X4 enthusiasts which club they’re a part of. 




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