Remote reservoir shock absorbers are all the rage, and for very good reason. More oil means less fade over corrugations. The remote canister also allows for extra shock travel and the fancy design will convince your mates at the pub you are teetering on the edge of become an off-road racer. Drivetech 4×4 has seen the need to enter this market, and as such has just released its range of Enduro Pro shock absorbers and struts to suit a wide range of popular 4X4 makes and models. The struts, designed to fit into IFS vehicles, have been designed with adjustable spring seats – meaning you can tailor the ride height to suit your needs (within reason). Both the shocks and struts incorporate braided lines to the reservoirs for improved protection off-road over rubber lines. The bodies of the shocks and struts are a massive 53mm. There are 20mm chrome piston rods for side-load strength and the 46mm diameter pistons allow for precise tuning according to the Drivetech 4×4 team.


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