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If you’re anything at all like our Ev’itor, chances are you’ve ended up bogged with mud halfway up your doors, at 3.00 in the morning, after spending the previous nine hours trying to get unstuck. Chances also are that you’ve got nowhere dry and smooth to roll out the swag – so you drag out the hammock that you bought six years ago on a ‘sure, I’ll use it for relaxation’ eBay binge (Pro Tip: You should actually have one of these in your bus, they do come in handy). Well Klymit has just released the next-best accessory for the trusty old hammock. Essentially an insulated sleeping pad for inside the hammock it keeps you warmer, keeps mud and muck out of the hammock, and can be used just about anywhere else you want… swag, beach, floating down a river, surfing at Byron Bay?


Priced from: $249.99 to $289.99