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A blown V8 and off-road goodies make this unit a special package.

Making some waves at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year is a special-edition Land Rover Discovery. It’s built by the SV (Special Vehicles) Division, and is called the SVX.


Under the bonnet is a 5.0L supercharged petrol V8, which is also used in the Range Rover Sport SVR and Jaguar F-Type R. In this case, it’s kicking out 386kW and 625Nm. Considering the all-aluminium Discovery weighs not much more than two tonnes, this thing would shift along incredibly well.


There’s a rear-mounted winch, and some trick hydraulic controls on the suspension for better balance and articulation. Big tyres, long shocks and revised suspension design make the impressive off-road capability even better, and 275/55 rubber also increases ground clearance. You’re still hamstrung by 20in wheels with this model – but at least there’s a bit more rubber in between wheels and ground.


There’s also lots of styling updates on the Discovery SVX, as well as a more traditional gearstick replacing the rotary knob that controls the gearbox. We like the look of the low-profile roof-mounted LED lights, as well as the chunky off-road wheels and big, easily accessed recovery points.  

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  • we love to win a range rover or jaguar so we pull our old viscount 20 ft van which has serviced us well and we update our van to make it comformable for us . we currently have a a 1995 nission perjero . we both in our 60 now and this is probley the last chance to live our dream.the car has serviced us well . especially with electric winch. we like travel to tasminia and australia before we get much older . our plan is vist adalaide in feburay 2018 . to visit the bugle bungle and national park and to see tasmiia on the tasminia sprit if i can save the money with our van . to see this new range with all the new features with the hydrolec controls which at our age is would make things a lot eazier for us especially with new electric winch. we have worked hard all our lives . we watch your show on the trips you have taken which make our dream a faraway dream