ARB Solis bezel change

ARB Solis bezel change

Did you know an ARB Solis bezel change is a quick and easy 5-minute job? Here’s how…

Why would you want to do a ARB Solis bezel change? I recently fitted a pair of ARB Solis LED driving lights to the front of my Ford Ranger and with their standard red bezels I reckon they stand out like the proverbial, and while some four-wheel drivers might like this contrast look, I’m going for a more subtle and cohesive appearance with my new rig.


The Ranger is finished in a darkish Meteor Grey colour, and it has black trim on the grille, mirrors, door handles, wheels, rear bar and sports bar. For this reason I opted to fit black bar work (ARB Summit bull bar and side steps, with Summit rear step tow bar still on order) instead of colour coding to match the vehicle’s paint finish.

Other than impressive light performance and five-stage dimmability, one of the other great features of the ARB Solis lights is the quick-change bezels. Out of the box these the bezels fitted are the traditional ARB red, but black bezels are also included.

And changing the bezels is easy. Simply pop off the light cover, unscrew the two bolts securing each bezel, put the black bezels in place, screw the bolts back on and replace the covers. All up it takes less than five minutes.

For the record, I opted of a combination beam pattern with the ARB Solis LED driving light – one spot beam and one flood beam. My mate ‘Blertas’ has tested the Solis lights on his HiLux (see this link) and is so far impressed, so I’m keen to see what they’re like for myself. I’ll keep you posted.

RRP: $349 each (east coast metro)
Website: ARB Intensity LED Driving Lights




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