GVM upgrade kits – how much extra weight can you legally carry and how much do they cost?

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GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) upgrade kits have been the talk of the town lately. With so much recent coverage about vehicles and caravans being overweight, it’s almost enough to make you want to stay home and do some gardening over your next holiday break. Almost.


Well, the good news, is that you certainly aren’t breaking new ground these days. It doesn’t need to be a hard process in most cases. It’s not a cheap process, but a necessary one if your requirements see you having to carry more weight than your vehicle manufacturer originally intended.

For many four-wheel drive owners, to upgrade the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) of their vehicle, it’s as simple as purchasing a quality GVM upgrade kit from a reputable supplier. You’ll then need to have the GVM upgrade kit installed by a certified installer. Lastly, the whole package will need to approved by an authorised state engineering signatory.

When all is said and done, you can carry more weight legally (the increased figure will vary from vehicle to vehicle). This includes items such as aftermarket off-road accessories, or camping gear, which adds up surprisingly quickly. When the process has been completed correctly, you’ll have a vehicle that is now able to carry additional load safely and legally. Complete with a cool certificate, too.

Back to basics

Now, if you need more information about what a GVM upgrade is, our sister publication RV Daily has recently published a terrific article for you to brush your knowledge up on. You can read that here.


If you are interested in finding out how much a GVM upgrade could cost, or in running through some case studies showing how much more weight you can legally carry with a GVM upgrade kit, then keep reading on.

Common examples

I decided to sit down and list some pricing, as well as the GVM upgrade kit increases available for a few more popular four-wheel drives on the market. This includes the Ford Ranger PX3, the 2015+ Toyota HiLux, the 200 Series LandCruiser Sahara, and the 70 Series LandCruiser range. All pricing and specs have been supplied by Terrain Tamer.

These prices are solely for the cost of the GVM upgrade kits, as in parts only. Again, for continuity, all pricing has come from Terrain Tamer.

This price doesn’t include installation, nor does it factor in signing off from an automotive engineer. Both will be required if fitting a GVM upgrade kit post registration. There are too many variables from vehicle to vehicle. This just gives you a ball park figure for what various GVM upgrade kits cost from Terrain Tamer. You will have to find out the cost of installation and engineering that will be required for your needs, location and vehicle.

Ford Ranger PX3

ModelGVM IncreasePrice
PX3 Ford Ranger3300kg – 3510kg (+180kg)$4401.83 (parts only)
PX3 Ford Ranger3300kg – 3510kg (+180kg)$5625.64 (parts only – with parabolic leaf springs)

Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series 

Model GVM IncreasePrice
200 Series LandCruiser Sahara3350kg – 3800kg (+450kg)$3296.01 (parts only)

Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series 

Model GVM increase Price
VDJ76 LandCruiser Wagon 2007-123000kg – 3520kg (+520kg)$5408.81 (parts only)
VDJ76 LandCruiser Wagon 2012+3060kg – 3520kg (+460kg)$5408.81 (parts only)
VDJ78 Troop Carrier 2012-20213300kg – 3780kg (+480kg)$5098.50 (parts only)
VDJ79 Single Cab 8/2012-20163300kg – 3780kg (+480kg)$5098.50 (parts only)
VDJ79 Single Cab3400kg – 3780kg (+380kg)$5098.50 (parts only)
VDJ79 Double Cab3300kg – 3780kg (+480kg)$5098.50 (parts only)
VDJ78 Troop Carrier3300kg – 3950kg (+650kg)$6215.62 (parts only)
VDJ79 Single Cab3400kg – 3950kg (+550kg)$6125.62 (parts only)
VDJ79 Double Cab3300kg – 3950kg (+650kg)$6125.62 (parts only)
VDJ78 Troop Carrier3300kg – 3620kg (+320kg)$6125.64 (parts only – with parabolic leaf springs)
VDJ78 Troop Carrier 3300kg – 3720kg (+420kg)$6125.64 (parts only – with parabolic leaf springs)
VDJ79 Single Cab3700kg – 3670kg (+320kg)$6125.64 (parts only – with parabolic leaf springs)
VDJ79 Single Cab3300kg – 3720kg (+420kg)$6125.64 (parts only – with parabolic leaf springs)
VDJ78 Troop Carrier 3300kg – 3780kg (+480kg)$6125.64 (parts only – with parabolic leaf springs)
VDJ79 Single Cab 3300kg -3780kg (+480kg)$6125.64 (parts only – with parabolic leaf springs)
VDJ79 Double Cab3300kg -3780kg (+480kg)$6125.64 (parts only – with parabolic leaf springs)
VDJ78 Troop Carrier 3300kg -3780kg (+480kg)$6125.64 (parts only – with parabolic leaf springs)
VDJ79 Single Cab3400kg – 3780kg (+380kg) $6125.64 (parts only – with parabolic leaf springs)
VDJ79 Double Cab3300kg – 3780kg (+480kg)$6125.64 (parts only – with parabolic leaf springs)

Toyota HiLux 

ModelGVM IncreasePrice
GUN HiLux3150kg – 3450kg (+300kg)$4033.35 (parts only)
KUN HiLux3150kg – 3450kg (+300kg)$4033.35 (parts only – parabolic leaf springs)
GUN HiLux3150kg – 3450kg (+300kg)$4033.35 (parts only)
KUN HiLux3150kg – 3450kg (+300kg)$4033.35 (parts only – parabolic leaf springs)

What about engineering GVM upgrade kits? 

Part of having a GVM upgrade kit installed, is the cost of having the vehicle certified for the higher GVM figure. This will require the vehicle to be inspected by a certified automotive engineer. They will inspect the items installed, and ensure the right part numbers have been used, and that they match the part numbers of the supplied GVM upgrade kit. 

They will then take pictures of these components, as well as the part numbers, to keep on record. If you purchase a quality GVM upgrade kit, it will come with every component required. This makes the engineering sign-off procedure as simple as it can be. Price will vary per vehicle; from speaking with experts in the field, budget around $1000 for this engineering process. 

Fitment costs of a GVM upgrade kit will also be need to be factored in. Again, this cost will vary widely between vehicle to vehicle. You’re best to ask the question and check with a few of your local certified installer. A Suzuki Jimny is a bit lighter and easier to work on compared to a Troop Carrier… if you get my drift.

Something I’d personally do, is ask the supplier of my GVM upgrade kit who buys the most kits locally and go there for a quote. That way it’s a safe bet they know how to install the product correctly, and have the certification process nailed.

For more information on the range of Terrain Tamer GVM upgrade kits, CLICK HERE.

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