Hikeit X9 throttle controller released

Hikeit X9

A new throttle controller has entered the market that offers some new advancements and options in the throttle-controller segment: the Hikeit X9.

We’re all about new gear and gadgets here at Unsealed 4X4 and the new Hikeit X9 throttle controller offers a new take and more options on the standard lines of throttle controllers currently on the market. As well as operating as a throttle controller, reducing input lag between the accelerator pedal and the Engine Control Unit (ECU), it gives more control with different modes, and has a few other interesting features we’ve not seen before.


Among the newer features, it has six different modes: Eco/4X4, Cruise, Sport/Tow, High-Performance ‘Hikeit Mode’, Automatic Learning, and Normal (which returns pedal inputs to the factory settings). Within each of the selectable modes (Eco/4X4, Cruise, Sport/Tow and Hikeit Mode) there are nine different settings giving you back control over pedal inputs. Further to the different modes available to the user, there are also a bunch of other features.

One unique feature is the anti-theft mode that allows you to put a password on the controller; unless you input the correct password the ECU won’t see any input from the accelerator pedal. On the face of the unit, there is also an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness so it doesn’t blin you when driving at night. For chasing the Grey Nomads down the highway there is also a one-touch overtaking button that will put the unit into its highest mode for immediate throttle response when overtaking caravans and campers. Plus there is the Automatic Learning mode that learns how you drive and forms it’s own input pattern to match your driving style. Finally, the chipset has been stepped up to 32-bit from the typical 16-bit allowing faster calculations and therefore faster response times.

It’s good to see a new player in the market offering up new features and options rather than just being a copy of a copy of a copy. The Hikeit X9 fits just about every make and model of vehicle on the market (petrol and diesel-powered 4X4s and cars) and you can grab yours here.

RRP: $229 (inc. free express shipping)




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