Redarc introduces TVMS Rogue Control Module

By Evan Spence 4 Min Read

Wiring a neat and practical 12V electrical solution into your four-wheel drive or caravan can make or break your entire setup. Not only can poor-quality wiring jobs be potentially dangerous, nobody wants to see a rat’s nest of wiring when showing off their pride and joy. Nor do you want it to be difficult to control your electrical goodies on the road or at camp. 

Australian manufacturers and electrical wizards, Redarc, have once again come to the rescue with the release of their TVMS Rogue Control Module. The brief for this product, according to Redarc, was to provide an unprecedented level of control and automation to your 4×4, camper, RV or work vehicle. What does that mean in the real world though? 


What’s the story?  

What the clever yet incredibly slim (just 25mm wide) TVMS Rogue offers, is a control unit for up to ten 10amp dimmable outputs and eight inputs to use with physical switches. This allows you to connect multiple accessories such as fridges, lighting or water pumps to one central control. Neat! 

You can take this to the next level with the inclusion of the Redarc RedVision screen and Manager30 battery management system, which are sold separately. With that powerful combination, you’d have the ability to control every aspect of your 12v system. 

From charging the auxiliary battery to being able to monitor input and output data, as well as temperature information. There’s even the capability to monitor two analogue water tank levels, with the majority of common water tank level sensors on the market working with this system.

App controlled 

It seems there is an app for everything these days. And while some are a novelty at best, the RedVision and RedVision Configurator apps are genuinely useful bits of gear. The RedVision app gives you complete access to control or monitors onboard electrical devices. White the Configurator app allows you to set up and control device inputs, output channels, display settings and control logic. 


So why would you need an app to help here? Picture this, it’s night and you need to turn a light off and can’t be bothered moving from the fire. We’ve all been there. Well now there is no need to walk over to the vehicle; just whip your phone out, open the app and control whatever you need to control. What a time to be alive.   

What Redarc says

Product Manager for the TVMS Rogue, Albert Atkins had this to say, “The REDARC TVMS Rogue is the ultimate solution for controlling your 12V devices in one place, whether you’re on the open road or out on the trails.

“Rogue’s easy integration with the RedVision display, light dimming capability, and intuitive connection with up to eight toggle or button switches, simplifies the way you power and control your 12V devices.

“The compact, lightweight design and configurability make it the perfect addition to our flagship RedVision systems range.”  

TVMS Rogue features

Here’s a rundown on some of the features of the Redarc TVMS Rogue Control Module: 

  • 10x 10A dimmable outputs
  • 8x inputs allow for use with physical switches
  • Compact size
  • On-board smart fuses
  • Streamlined installation and configuration
  • Fully programmable (for IOS devices – Android coming soon)
  • Accurate analogue tank level inputs


The TVMS Rogue Control Module is available now, from Redarc distributors nationwide. If you want to make one your own, the unit itself will set you back $849. 


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