SmartBar UVA – polymer under-vehicle protection

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The SmartBar UVA is a light-weight yet tough Under Vehicle Armour protection system to suit various Ford Ranger, Ford Everest and Mazda BT-50 models.

The new SmartBar UVA (Under Vehicle Armour) system is designed to replace the OE skid pan on various Ford Ranger and Everest models, as well as the previous-generation Mazda BT-50.


The SmartBar UVA is manufactured from non-corrosive UV-stabilised crosslink polymer and it features a deep rib structure to ensure strength across the entire protection panel. This is the same tough and proven material used in the manufacture of ARB Frontier long-range fuel tanks.

As well as offering increased protection against impacts to under-vehicle components including inner CV joints, SmartBar says the vehicle-specific design has been styled to complement vehicle aesthetics of Ford Ranger PX, PXII and PXIII models, the Ford Everest, as well as Mazda BT-50 models from Oct 2011-Mar 2020. In addition, the UVA is compatible with OE bumper bars, ARB bull bars, the SmartBar SpartanBar and the SmartBar StealthBar. It is also compatible with ARB recovery points.

SmartBar UVA Ranger

One of the greatest benefits of the UVA is its light weight when compared with similar steel-plate products; it weighs in at just 8.6kg fitted, which SmartBar says results in improved fuel economy and reduced tyre, suspension and brake wear. The UVA comes with reinforcing brackets to protect the vehicle’s transfer case and, as the crosslink polymer material can revert to its original shape after impact, it offers the advantage of minimal repair costs.

SmartBar UVA BT-50

The UVA’s crosslink polymer material is also heat resistant, and the company says exhaust temperatures will not affect it, adding that DPF regeneration can be performed with the product installed.

Additionally, SmartBar says the under vehicle armour is easy to disassemble for vehicle servicing access; it comprises three pieces that have each been designed for easy removal to allow for individual access to different parts of the vehicle for servicing.

RRP: $980
Website: SmartBar UVA




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