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The 2023 Volkswagen Amarok has been unveiled

© Volkswagen
© Volkswagen

After a much-anticipated wait, today the second-generation 2023 Volkswagen Amarok ute has been revealed. Although Australian showrooms will be waiting until early next year (January or February 2023) for any vehicle arrivals, Volkswagen has promised powerful performance, innovation and efficiency. It’s tough enough for work and rugged enough for off-road. Check out what’s new for the 2023 Volkswagen Amarok.


An alliance between Ford and Volkswagen

Have you noticed the Ford Ranger looks very similar to the Volkswagen Amarok? This is because they are products of an alliance between Volkswagen and Ford. The vehicles were conceived and developed alongside each other, which is why you’ll find the Amarok shares Ranger mechanicals. This new 2023 model of the Amarok features greater technology, extra space and the admired Ford-powered capability when compared to the model it’s replacing.

The new model features the same proportions as the Ranger but has the unique exterior that is unmistakably Volkswagen. It’s also differentiated by its exterior and interior designs.

Volkswagen’s world premiere of the Amarok


Produced in South Africa, the new Amarok took four years of project work to reach production. A lot of the design and engineering was done in Australia. This comes as no surprise due to our market’s known love for mid-sized utes.

Interior of vehicle
© Volkswagen

The interior

You can expect to see a large centre-mounted infotainment screen on the dashboard. It will be between 10.0-inch and 12.0-inch, depending on the specification. Base models will feature a smaller screen, while top-tier vehicles will receive the full-digital 12-inch unit. You’ll also find physical buttons that work to control interior features in an effort to blend modern touchscreens with the good old-fashioned buttons.


If a spacious cabin is appealing to you then you’re in luck. The extended wheelbase makes the cabin far more spacious than the previous model. Passengers in the second row will enjoy the additional space, with more legroom and extra comfort than before.

There’s going to be up to 20 different storage compartments throughout the cabin, offering plenty of storage space. Pockets within the doors will be capable of holding 1.5-litre bottles, which is more than ideal for those heading off on off-road adventures and camping trips where facilities are scarce.

Two VW Amarok vehicles
© Volkswagen

The exterior

Everyone likes to look good on the road, so it’s no wonder the exterior in the Volkswagen Amarok is next level stylish. From the front, you’ll see a horizontal theme for the grille accompanied by slim, angular LED headlights that, in my opinion, give it a premium and modern look. 

At the rear, ‘AMAROK’ is stamped into the metal and embossed across almost the entire tailgate which is gated by the C-shaped tail lights. The tray offers a payload of up to 1.2 tonnes. It can be safely secured due to sturdy tray eyelets and the load compartment roll-cover system.

For those that have all the gear, you’ll be excited to learn that the roof rack can now accommodate loads of up to 350kg. This is an impressive 150kg more than before. Say goodbye to culling most of your load – you can now bring all the bells and whistles along for your trips.

Much wider than before, this 2023 model is 1910mm wide, or 2204mm if you want to include the mirrors. However, the wheelbase has undergone the biggest change, increasing from 173mm to an incredible 3270mm. As you’d expect given the alliance, these match the Ford Ranger model.

The Amarok from a low view
© Volkswagen

Safety features

The 2023 Amarok will include automatic emergency braking as well as lane-keeping assist. This will be especially helpful on those long journeys to and from your adventures. You’ll also find rear cross-traffic alert to detect approaching vehicles, blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control.

Parking is no one’s favourite thing, so you’ll be pleased to find hands-free parking offered on some of the models, as well as front and rear parking sensors for extra assistance.

The previous model didn’t feature rear side airbags. Now you’ll find airbags for both front and rear passengers in the vehicle. There will be a centre airbag, knee airbag and standard curtain airbag for all round protection in the unfortunate event of an accident.

How much will it cost?

Pricing has not yet been revealed, but when you weigh up the abundance of new offerings you can expect the 2023 Amarok will cost more than the previous model which set you back between $45,890 to $73,990. It’s expected to be announced towards the end of this year, so keep your ears open around November 2022 for how hard this vehicle is going to hit the bank account.

The anticipated all-new Amarok is truly a force to be reckoned with. Its reveal this morning has not been disappointing. If you want to stay up to date with pre-orders, register on Volkswagen’s update page to be contacted when the vehicle is available.




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