Toyota HiLux and Fortuner recall over faulty brake system

By Wes Whitworth 2 Min Read

Toyota has issued a recall for some of its HiLux and Fortuner models over a faulty brake system, relating to the brake booster failing.

The recall, which affects nearly 24,000 vehicles within the HiLux and Fortuner ranges, relates to safety concerns surrounding a potential issue with the brake booster. The vehicles impacted were manufactured between June 2018 and December 2018 inclusive.


“Within the brake booster of involved vehicles, the strength of the resin piston could degrade due to improper moulding conditions during production. If this were to occur, repeated operation of the brake pedal may cause the piston to break, potentially causing loss of braking assist and therefore increasing the vehicle stopping distance,” Toyota said in a statement.

For all involved vehicles, Toyota dealers will inspect the vehicle and, if applicable, replace the brake booster assembly free of charge. It is expected that it will take approximately three hours to replace the brake booster assembly. However, depending upon the Dealer’s work schedule, it may be necessary for the owner to make the vehicle available for a longer period of time.

Hillux recall brake

Toyota Australia has confirmed it will be getting in touch with owners affected by the fault, however, the company has suggested that anyone with an impacted vehicle attend their nearest Toyota dealership at their earliest convenience.

For those a little curious about what exactly a brake booster does, it uses vacuum to increase the pressure exerted on the brakes and requires the engine to be running to generate said vacuum. If you have ever tried to put our foot on the brake of a moving car with the engine stalled, you will understand how hard it can be to stop the vehicle without that extra force generated by the booster system. Thankfully, in this case at least, should the booster fail you should still retain some braking capability, however, you will need to stand on the pedal to get the vehicle to stop.


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