Lift the new Land Rover Defender for less than $100

Land Rover Lift Arms

In a rather ingenious (if obvious) idea from Lucky8, you can now lift your brand-spanking new Land Rover Defender for under 100 dollarydoos.

More than a few modifications to our four-wheel drives these days come at the expense of tricking the vehicle into doing what you want, as opposed to what it’s designed to do. Whether that be tuning, rail-pressure chips or even the less-than-legal DPF-removal chips, they all tell your four-wheel drive something is there, or reading a certain value, when it’s not. The team over at Proud Rhino in the US has released an interesting little ‘hack’ that tricks the air suspension in the new Land Rover Defender into thinking it’s two inches lower than it really is, thus the Defender gains a two-inch lift.


How it all works is that you can install a set of arms that connect the height sensors with the chassis that are of a different length. For example, one-inch extended brackets offer up a one-inch increased height of the Landy. Where it gets interesting is that this affects all modes so, even at it’s lowest, it will still be an inch higher. The other option is to go for the two-inch lifted arms, and as you’d expect, two-inch lift in the Defender.

Land Rover Lift Arms 2

The greatest thing about the ‘hack’ (or mod if you will), is that you can install the new arms with no tools at all, and they’re being called an ‘upgrade’ by the manufacturer, featuring new bushes and anodised aluminium over the factory parts. Lift kit and weight saving; what’s not to love?

This is no new thing, as we said above, with Johnson Rods having manufactured the upgraded lift bars for more than a few years.

Now don’t get us wrong, this mod is nothing new to the Land Rover nuts around the world (this will work with just about any air-suspension fitted Land Rover), but it certainly piqued my interest being a lowly ‘Yota driver… I wonder if Deano will be able to somehow make this work on his old 110… Probably not I’d reckon!




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