Wait, you can now maintain Ryco Fuel Water Separators with an app?

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We already know that Ryco makes great-quality fuel/water separators, catch cans, fuel filters, cabin filters… the list goes on. Ryco is a household name when it comes to filtration. I’m not a gambling person, but I bet as four-wheel drivers, we’ve all used these products before. 


Well, Ryco has something new on the table, and I feel we need to take a closer look at the new Ryco Connect S102SK fuel water separator. Not only will this keep harmful contaminants, like water, out of your expensive fuel system. But this kit will let you maintain and manage the fuel water separator in a very unique way. With your phone. Last time I checked, my iPhone was pretty useless at mechanical tasks, so Ryco must have come up with something special to make this claim. 

Ryco Connect App 

The Ryco team tells us they are constantly studying the market and improving the products they offer. The new Ryco Connect S102SK Fuel Water Separator Wireless Sensor Kit is a perfect example of this statement. The S102SK is the culmination of advances in technology, customer feedback, and technical knowledge. 

How does it work? 

Where previously fuel water separator inspections had to be scheduled and relied heavily on a visual assessment of the bowl and draining when full. The Ryco Connect App will now connect to the fuel water separator to give you an instant notification when it’s time to inspect and drain the unit. 

Hard to install? 

Some other wired sensors on the market require long installation times and drilling through the vehicle’s firewall. Which can cause dust and water access into the vehicle’s cab. Ryco’s new sensor kit means that chances of dust and water entering the cab are heavily reduced due to no necessary drilling.


“The ability to connect remotely to monitor the unit via an app is the first of its kind on the market” said Alastair Hampton, General Manager of Engineering and Innovation. “The Ryco Connect app was developed and tested with future innovation in mind, and we hope to expand on this range over time to provide customers with added efficiency, convenience, and exciting innovations.” 

In addition to this, customers can also purchase an optional S101X Bluetooth Indicator. This provides an in-cab audio/visual alert for S102X, connected via the auxiliary 12/24V power adaptor or modern USB-A port.

Key features 

  • Be notified instantly through the Ryco Connect App when it’s time to drain the unit
  • Connect remotely to your smartphone with the Ryco Connect app
    or in the cabin with the Ryco Bluetooth Sensor Indicator (S101X, sold separately)
  • Easy and quick installation. There is no drilling through the firewall to run wires.
  • Fits all common fuel water separator brand filters (Adapters included)
  • Expandable system allows for the connection of 2 sensors
  • Kit comes with fuse taps to provide ignition-on power rather than wiring a separate circuit
  • IP67 rated to resist dust and water protection against harsh driving conditions
  • Suitable for 12/24 volt systems with automatic voltage detection

For more information, visit: https://rycofilters.com.au/bluetooth-fuel-water-sensor-kit 

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