Bushranger has recently redesigned its iconic Wheelie Bin, with some key updates to further improve the quality and usability of the product. A main point of interest here is the moveable centre divider, allowing you to keep recovery gear separate from rubbish. Reflective strips have been added for increased visibility at night, too; as well as an overall redesign to provide what Bushranger dubs ‘a fresh new look’. We still think it looks like a bin bag… which really is a good thing, come to think of it. The Bushranger Wheelie Bin is easy to fit to your spare wheel, and it’s been fashioned from durable UV-resistant PVC for strength and increased longevity. Best of all, Bushranger backs this product with a massive five-year warranty – making this the first and last Wheelie Bin you will need to buy.


Priced from: $109