Drifta Alu Boxes


Figuring out how and where you’re going to store all your ‘essential’ gear when you’re going away is tough, particularly on long remote trips like desert crossings. The key is to try and find the perfect spot for everything and have everything in the right spot, which sometimes means needing to have waterproof, dustproof sealed areas. Alu Boxes are designed and made in Denmark; they are tough aluminium boxes which are meant to give an easy storage solution. With strong stainless-steel locks and hinges, as well as extra strong corners which make stacking them easy and safe, the Alu Boxes provide a potential option to solving the dilemma of packing tight. Coming in a range of sizes from 20 litres to 175 litres, there are plenty of options to solve your packing nightmare.


Prices are dependent on size and range from $249 – $599

Due to arrive mid-October.

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