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Diff locks have long been one of the most longed-after accessories in the four-wheel drive community. However, it must be said that they are definitely not one of the most affordable inclusions. There certainly are some terrific manually selected diff locks on the market, and even a few dubious quality knock-offs too these days – which highlights the popularity of such products.

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The latest diff lock offered to four-wheel drivers does things a little bit differently. In fact we could go as far as saying it is a game changer (and we hate that term). We are talking about the CAP Locker from Aussie company Uneek 4X4. There are a few key benefits of the CAP Locker, the first being pricing. We have heard rumours that these will start from roughly $700 per locker. Secondly, these lockers are actually made in Australia by an Australian-owned company using Australian-made steel. Now, you have to applaud that!


Installation is said to be much simpler than a traditional full-carrier replacement diff lock according to Uneek 4X4, especially its PR locker which only replaces a few key components in the factory differential. This allows you to retain many high-quality factory components instead of throwing them away – which is a nice feature. But the good news doesn’t stop there. The LSD Locker allows you to retain your factory fitted LSD too; you can then select between ‘OPEN’, ‘LSD’ or ‘LOCK’ mode depending on the terrain you are driving.
How cool is that?


There are four lockers in the CAP range:

PR (Partial Replacement) which fits factory four-pinion differentials;
LSD CAP Locker which is similar to the PR but retains the factory LSD;
FR (Full Replacement) for vehicles running a two-pinion differential, this is essentially a PR locker with a replacement four-pinion carrier; and
Comp Locker – the final offering which is still in the design process (but is rumoured to solve a common problem with diff locks used in a competition environment).


Check out the video HERE to take a closer look at just how the CAP Locker works; and if you are interested in running one, register your interest at:

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