20 Jul 2018
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New from the legends over at Goal Zero is the Lithium Yeti battery pack range. The 400 series is compact, lightweight, and perfect for a weekend adventure where you don’t want to have to rely on your 4X4 for power. It’s got a 400Wh capacity,…

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The absolute majority of us have a roof cage on top of our 4X4s, and more often than not we’re setting up camp when it’s dark. Not because we couldn’t get up that stupid last hill, but because we’re enjoying the scenery, right? Regardless, Narva…

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Room with a brew 

You have to love modern four-wheel drives; they are comfortable, reliable and capable. The one negative, though, is that they can be hard to work on. Space is a massive issue, as there are more and more components crammed into the engine bay to make…

Toyota HiLux vs Mercedes X-Class vs Ford Ranger vs Volkswagen Amarok vs Nissan Navara vs HSV SportsCat
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Outback 4X4 Ute Comparison 

This is the comparison test we’ve all been waiting for, and the question it asks is simple: is the Mercedes-Benz X-Class 4×4 dual-cab utility a serious contender, or over-hyped pretender? To find out the answer we’ve taken the top-spec X-Class X250d Power into South Australia’s…


Is technology making us worse 4WDers? 

Ignorance is not always bliss   Most reasonable people would agree that technological advancements have made day-to-day life easier on numerous fronts. Automation, in particular, has reduced human interaction with devices, products and systems to the point where the simple act of pushing a button…


Keeping it clean in the bush 

Shower Power Guide     When heading bush, it’s easy to go days without a shower but even after three days, I hate myself enough to pull out some baby wipes. Thankfully, there are some great options out there, ranging from downright cheap to having…


To Hell And Back: The aftermath of a Firestorm 

Warrumbungle NP     “The fire developed into a fully-fledged fire thunderstorm,” and was “Absolutely ferocious.” This is how two fire experts described the firestorm that devastated Warrumbungle NP and surrounds on 12 January 2013. Fifty-three houses were destroyed as well as countless native animals….


Readers’ Rigs 

CLICK HERE TO READ THIS ARTICLE IN THE MAGAZINE RYAN’S KUT 105 SERIES Chopping up a 105 Series ‘Cruiser isn’t the most original idea ever. Making it a space-cab chop and sliding a multivalve 1HD-FT engine in at the same time however, isn’t exactly heard…



Issue 050 of Unsealed 4X4 is here, and it’s a big one. To celebrate hitting the half-century, we took a day off work and found snow to drive in not even three hours from Sydney. We take a closer look at the most modified road-legal…

Gear and News


Lightforce have just released a brand new set of LED spotlights – in a rectangle shape. The rectangle spotties of old never performed as well as the equivalent round version due to issue with the curves within the reflector. Now with LED technology, and...