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Sometimes you really want to head out four-wheel driving – but perhaps your 4X4 is broken, the weather has turned to crap or you just don’t feel like exerting yourself today and want to rekindle your relationship with your couch. Well, do we have the solution for you! Right here… with the latest version of this insanely realistic off-road video game called Spintires Mudrunner. Spintires has been around for a while now, but the latest Mudrunner update takes things to the next level. There is a brand-new Sandbox map joining the original five environments, a total graphic overhaul (which needs to be seen to be believed), 13 new vehicles and a swag of general improvements. Basically, if the idea of driving 4X4s and trucks through river crossings and other off-road terrains while using winches and cranes to lift wood seems like a good time, you should definitely click the link below and check out the trailer video.


Pricing varies; check online for the best deals.