Bushranger has just released new Covert series winch – and it looks awesome!

By Evan Spence 4 Min Read

You have to hand it to companies like Bushranger. When they release a new product, they are genuinely innovative. Not just a generic item with a new sticker, or edgy new name. Nope, I’m talking about a unique product, with features that will actually be advantageous in the real world of four-wheel driving. Take one look at their range of Night Hawk LED driving lights, and you’ll get what I mean. 


What’s the Covert story?

Now, I had heard whispers that Bushranger had been working on a new winch. They told me directly that it was like nothing else on the market, after doing some digging. But wouldn’t say anything more.

In the last few days, however, Bushranger has released details about their new winch. We now know what it looks like, and what makes it unique, and can’t wait to get our hands on one to try out properly. Introducing the new Bushranger Covert 10,000lb winch. 

So, what makes the Covert winch unique? 

The first thing, and it’s a big thing too. Notice there is no bulky external control box, like every other winch on the market? These are a pain to mount neatly, or in a way that doesn’t impede airflow to the vehicle’s radiator. Sure it can be done, but it’s 2023… Bushranger has come up with a clever way to solve this problem. It doesn’t just look neater, but they say it will also be easier to fit, saving you money when it comes time to install the Covert winch. 

When asked about the new Bushranger Covert winch, the team from Bushranger had this to offer. “ The all-new Bushranger Covert winch revolutionises winch technology with its latest generation in-built control unit.” 


“This ensures greater motor efficiency and seamless compatibility with a wider range of modern vehicle bull bars. Gone are the days of dealing with a conventional control box – the design of this winch allows for an unobtrusive fitment that won’t interfere with your vehicle’s airflow to cooling systems or its essential sensors. It’s the perfect blend of form and function, providing a more versatile fitment for your beloved off-road rig.” 

Let’s look at some key features 

  • Engineered and tested in Australia 
  • Built-in motor control unit, with Albright contactor 
  • Tuned 5.3HP 12V motor 
  • 4- stage gearbox 
  •  Zero drag braking system 
  • Alloy construction with powdercoated finish 
  • Quick and easy fitment compared to traditional winches 
  • Dual connection remote control – 30m wireless or 5m on lead 
  • Power isolation switch included
  • Limited lifetime warranty – 7 years on electrical components 
  • Weighs 31.5kg when fitted (synthetic rope version)

Tell ‘em the price

There are two models in the line-up, both are rated to 10,000lb. The difference is one can be purchased with 28 metres of synthetic rope and the other with 28 metres of steel cable. 

Prices for both winches are:

$1595 for synthetic 

$1395 for steel cable  

Full review coming

Stay tuned for a full upcoming review, as we really want to put this winch through its paces. It’s early days, but from what we have seen so far, this looks to be an innovative design from the Bushranger team. 

Take a look at the Bushranger website for more details: 

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