Project D-Max part five – So much room for activities, now our D-Max has 4WD Interiors roller drawers and portable lithium power from Redarc

By Evan Spence 7 Min Read

It’s a big update for Project D-Max this week. Perry and the crew from Pez’s 4×4 Fitouts have been flat out, installing two absolutely key additions to our touring four-wheel drive. Items we really couldn’t live without. Not with the sort of work we’ll be doing with the vehicle. 


We now have a complete 4WD Interiors Easy Load roller drawer system to store all our valuables and camping equipment. As well as a Redarc GoBlock portable lithium dual battery system to run the fridge, and charge our camera gear. 

Not only are these quality products, but both companies are also proudly Australian-owned. Which made the decision to choose these products a no-brainer. Let’s take a closer look at how Project D-Max coming together, afer these touring essentials have been installed. 

4WD Interiors Easy Load Drawer System

What I love about these new roller drawers from 4WD Interiors, is how modular they are. We can change the setup depending on what our needs are, for certain trips. On the day of this photoshoot, we had the drawers in a more traditional configuration. As we didn’t need to bring too much with us. The base is a dual roller setup, meaning we have two (really large I might add) roller drawers to fill with camping gear and tools. There are also lift-up side wing panels, which are perfect for storing air compressors, recovery gear, or spare parts. 

In this case, the drawer top is a fixed unit. This provides us with loads of room for swags, fridges or storage boxes packed full of camera equipment. There is the option of having roller tops fitted, which can be used as fridge slides or slides for larger boxes. As well as providing a secure place to tie them down. 


You might also notice the second configuration we’ve been trialling, with these lift-out containers From 4WD Interiors. We’ve been experimenting, and have to say this is such a great idea we can’t believe we didn’t think of it. You can load up the containers with your gear at home and put them in the Easy Load drawer system one by one. There are a variety of different sizes available too, meaning you can fit nearly anything super easily. This a great innovation we look forward to playing with on longer trips. 

In fact, there are so many options we’d run out of space to list them all. If you are in the market for quality roller drawers, it’s hard to not recommend these from 4WD Interiors. They’ve been making roller drawers since the 80s, and are pioneers in the field. A true Australian success story and the quality of fit and finish is simply first-class. There are no rattles, they were easy to install, and they are easy to use. Everything now has a place in the back of Project D-Max, making trips away so much more organised. 

Pricing for D-Max roller drawers starts from $2325 depending on options

For more information, visit:

Redarc GoBlock Portable Dual-Battery System

Speaking of camera equipment, we need a way to charge our gear while out on the tracks. While a dedicated permanently installed dual-battery system would absolutely work for our needs, we decided to go with a portable power system. 

While Project D-Max is our main weapon of choice out on the tracks, we often find ourselves testing press vehicles with no power solutions. Portable power was the way to go, and so far we have no regrets. 

So why did we decide on the Redarc GoBlock? Well, it ticked so many boxes for us. Installation is a walk in the park thanks to the additional Power Block. This not only powers the GoBlock while we are driving, but it also secures the unit in place – whilst allowing for quick and easy removal of the GoBlock if we need to use it in another vehicle, or closer to the campfire of an evening. 

There’s a 100-ah lithium battery, with a built-in 50 amp DCDC charger, meaning we can fast charge the GoBlock from flat to fully charged in just two hours while on the road. It can be charged at home before leaving too, using the supplied 240V adaptor. 

There’s also a built-in MPPT solar regulator as well, so we can just plug a solar blanket in via the Anderson plug, and charge the GoBlock from the sun. 

I love the integrated grab handles on each side, making it easy as to load the GoBlock in or out of Project D-Max. I also love that it is an Australian-made product. And I love there are more than enough USB, CIG, and Merit socket outputs to handle any task we could throw at the GoBlock. 

Best of all, installation was a breeze, we can monitor the unit on our phone, and we can take it from car to car. For our needs, the Redarc GoBlock has been a winner. I can’t wait to plaster it in stickers from all the places we visit on our travels. 

Priced from: $3198.79 for the 100AH unit, a 50AH unit is also available 

For more information, visit:

Special Thanks

Once again, a huge shoutout to Perry and the team at Pez’s 4×4 Fitouts. For any mechanical, auto-electrical or off-road accessories, give them a call on 0472 504 544 or check them out on social media. here.

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