Drifta 10L Water Box Bag

Drifta Water Box Bag

Drifta releases water storage bag.

When going away, it’s always good to take more water than you need. Chances are you’ve seen the 10-litre boxes of water that strangely look a little like a cask of goon. Cardboard box, shiny bladder and a little tap on the bottom? They’re a great way to carry a bit of extra water, but being a rather flimsy cardboard box that struggles to hold its 10kg payload, let alone while getting bounced around the back of a four-wheel drive, they often come apart and the bladder (read: goon bag) will get punctured on the first thing it comes in contact with. That’s where this little pearler from Drifta comes in handy.


Drifta has created a bag to not only store your 10-litre boxes of water in but also to make them easier to use. With a heavy-duty strap, the water can hang from a point on your 4X4, or even a sturdy tree, allowing easy access to the inbuilt tap in the box. This means you can keep the faucet to your water clean, and it makes it easier to use the box of water. Something worth noting too is that they’re completely made in Australia… up in Gloucester, just north of Newcastle, in New South Wales.

The 10L Water Box Bag will cost you $59 and it’s a smart little idea; even if you don’t want to use it for a water box, there are plenty other uses you could press the little jigger into.

For more information check out the Drifta website; click here.




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