By Laura Boshammer 2 Min Read

Recovery kits are a dime-a-dozen these days; heck, you can even find them in hardware stores and side-of-the-road service stations (we imagine). What we like about the Drivetech 4X4 Jumbo recovery kit is the fact they have gone the extra mile. Included in the kit is a head torch, and a hand saw. There is even a clever little foldable shovel in there – perfect for when nature calls. Now, how many other kits come so complete? The quality of the bag is also second to none, with plenty of pockets and a solid ‘quality’ feel to it. Inside the kit you will find a rear recovery hitch, a 9m long 8,000kg rated snatch strap, a pair of gloves, two 4.75T rated bow shackles, and a sense of adventure (note… sense of adventure is redeemable at your local 4WD track).

Priced from: $260

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