Electric Ford F-150 undergoes pre-production tests

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Check out this video of the upcoming electric Ford F-150 undergoing various different driving tests prior to its expected launch in mid-2022.

The upcoming electric Ford F-150 has been shown undergoing a series of driving tests prior to its expected launch in mid-2022.


Despite the supposed impending arrival of various electric 4X4 pick-ups – including the likes of the Tesla Cybertruck, Nikola Badger, Rivian R1T and Lordstown Endurance – it appears as though good ol’ Ford is well along the path of developing its all-electric version of the world’s best-selling pick-up – the F-150.

In the video the electric F-150 can be seen towing a large trailer up a steep incline with minimal fuss… and with minimal noise except for the rumbling of tyres on the road surface.

It can also be seen splashing through a not-so-deep puddle, with a warning at the bottom of the screen stating, “Try to avoid water higher than the bottom of the hubs and proceed slowly. Refer to your owner’s manual for detailed information regarding driving through water.” This is presumably because the electric F-150 runs electric motors in its hubs.

The electric Effie is then shown effortlessly climbing a 60% grade before the clip ends with the ‘Built Ford Tough’ stamp.

Check out the video below:

Despite the prototype’s concerning lack of water fording ability, Ford says the production version of the all-electric F-150 “will be purpose-built for Americans who need to get the job done.” Presumably that means they won’t have to fear deep puddles when driving their electric F-150s.




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