Get Smart with Uniden’s new XTRAK Pro Smart UHF Radios

By Marty Ledwich 5 Min Read

Uniden release XTRAK Pro – a range of smart UHF handheld and in-car UHF CB radios with large OLED display and App enabled location sharing feature.

Uniden is releasing the App-enabled XTRAK Pro Series, setting a new benchmark and delivering an industry first in UHF radios for both in-car and handheld communications. 


As communication is critical and remaining connected is more important than ever, the new XTRAK Pro includes in-vehicle and handheld UHF radios, both of which can track and share the user’s exact location through the XTRAK Bluetooth App. Offering both a handheld and in-vehicle UHF with location sharing is a first in the market. Users are never out of contact and are always able to talk to a friend or colleague while on the road and in remote locations. 

Whether in the car with the XTRAK 80 Pro, or on foot with XTRAK 50 Pro, contact is always possible between the vehicle and handheld units, utilising the advanced positional tracking and location sharing feature for accuracy through the Uniden XTRAK app.

Designed and engineered in Japan, the Uniden XTRAK Pro features a large, high contrast anti-glare OLED display and backlit keypad on the in-vehicle UHF radio, clear and easy to read in all lighting conditions. Sound is not compromised with a powerful integrated 2-Watt speaker and 4 level voice enhancers that enable maximum sound clarity in noisy environments. Bluetooth connection is available on the XTRAK 80 Pro, connecting to the vehicle’s audio speakers. 

Uniden’s innovative one-touch instant replay avoids missing important transmissions, with the ability to listen to recent communications received up to six minutes prior. This has been a popular feature of Uniden in-vehicle UHF Radios for many years and is an industry first for UHF handheld radios with the launch of the Uniden XTRAK Series. A Smart Key also helps to easily toggle between instant channel, call tone or equaliser.


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Pairing with the Bluetooth XTRAK App, available for iOS and Android, is simple and immediately pinpoints a map position with the UHF radio. The App also gives access to settings controls on the radio, allowing the management of Selcall contacts and extra receive channels, as well as sending in-App text messages. 

Uniden UHF radios are tough, designed and built to withstand the harshest conditions, with the magnetic microphone mount across both in-vehicle XTRAK and XTRAK Pro providing quick access and keeping the mobile safe and secure when driving. The XTRAK 50 UHF Handheld Series is waterproof, offering a range of up to 17 kilometres with 30 hours of operating time.

Uniden XTRAK Pro key features: 

  • UHF Radio and Location Tracking in 1 – Industry-first for UHF Handhelds 
  • Industry First Instant Replay Function (Both UHF Handheld and UHF In-Vehicle) 
  • Bluetooth App-enabled 
  • Large Anti-Glare OLED Display with Dimmer 
  • 2-Watt Speaker in Remote Microphone 
  • 80 UHF Channels 
  • Magnetic Microphone Mount (In-car UHF Radios) 
  • Voice Scrambler 
  • Open/Group Scan with Priority Channel watch 
  • 5-Watt Maximum TX Output Power 
  • Designed and Engineered in Japan

Uniden XTRAK (available from late August 2021) 

XTRAK 80 – Smart UHF Radio with Large OLED Display and Instant Replay Function – $449.95 RRP 

XTRAK 50 – 5-Watt Waterproof Smart UHF Handheld Radio with Large OLED Display with Instant Replay Function – $329.95 RRP 

Uniden XTRAK PRO (available late September 2021) XTRAK 80 PRO – Smart UHF Radio with Large OLED Display, Location Sharing Through App and Instant Replay – $549.95 RRP 

XTRAK 50 PRO – 5-Watt Waterproof Smart UHF Handheld Radio with Large OLED Display, Location Sharing Through App and Instant Replay Function – $449.95 RRP 

Customer enquiries: phone Uniden on 1300 366 895 or visit 



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