GVM upgrades in Queensland made easier thanks to LS15 mod code

By Wes Whitworth 3 Min Read

GVM upgrades in Queensland have become easier thanks to the introduction of LS15 which removes the requirement for a fully qualified engineer to sign-off on GVM upgrades for in-service vehicles, saving vehicle owners time and money.

Finally, a bit of good news for Queenslanders, where a new modification code has been added, in which a “level-two Approved Person” (trade qualified mechanic with five years’ experience) with accreditation from the Department of Transport and Main Roads in Queensland, can now certify a GVM upgrade to a vehicle already registered, under the new LS15 code, as of March 1, 2020. This news has been welcomed by aftermarket retailers, industry bodies, and mechanics as it will now save time and money and allows for GVM upgrades on already registered vehicles rather than the upgrade being carried out prior to registration.


The LS15 code states: “Re-rating of a light vehicle’s GVM by modifying it according to the instructions in an LS11 design certification issued for the same/make/model/variant/chassis series”. That means, as long as the ‘suspension kit’ being utilised has been certified by an engineer under LS11, then that kit may be installed and certified via LS15.

Previously, having a GVM upgrade installed on your vehicle, in Queensland, was an involved process that required the entire suspension kit and installation be certified by an independent engineer. That’s regardless of whether the suspension kit being installed had already been approved by an engineer under LS11. There was considerable cost and time involved in this process.

In a statement supporting the new LS15 code, the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association, which has pushed for this code and is pushing for similar changes in New South Wales as well as developing a GCM upgrade protocol, said: “Following lengthy consultation, the updated guidelines from Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) for re-rating GVM for QLD’s in-service vehicles are now finalised. AAAA members have provided valuable input throughout the process and we expect that the updated LS 11 code and newly created LS 15 code will provide clear, sensible guidelines for industry that are workable and non-disruptive, whilst satisfying the need for safe modifications.

“AAAA Members will also be aware that that we are currently in discussion with the NSW government regarding GVM upgrade approvals and evidence packs.  This is certainly causing disruption to our industry and we have met formally with NSW regulators and requested a prompt resolution to the current situation.  More discussions are planned over the next two weeks and we shall keep you informed of any outcomes, agreements and resolutions.”

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