HiLux Mako! Toyota’s Ranger Raptor rival?

By Wes Whitworth 2 Min Read

Toyota New Zealand has just choppered in (via a military Black Hawk helicopter, no less) its answer to the Ford Ranger Raptor, called the HiLux Mako!

Surfacing on Toyota New Zealand’s social media (via its Facebook Story) this afternoon, is the brand’s newest model, the HiLux Mako. The new high-end HiLux, so far as we can see, includes upgraded bespoke leather-trimmed sports seats, Mako branded side steps (possibly rock sliders) and an ARB OME suspension kit with internal bypass BP-51 dampers.


In addition, the Mako gets an upgraded front bar, all-terrain tyres and trick-looking black alloy wheels. The steel front bar appears to have built-in fog lights and an LED light bar as well. There also appears to be rated recovery points and decent underbody protection plates. Worth noting is that Toyota New Zealand has introduced the new model as the ‘Ultimate HiLux’.

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The OME suspension kit appears to include at least a two-inch lift, along with the BP-51 shocks. Details beyond what we can see in the photos are very light, however, we have reached out to Toyota Australia in the hope of a confirmation that this halo model that would sit above both the HiLux Rogue and HiLux Rugged X models will be coming to Australia.

HiLux Mako

While details are very light at the moment, we’ll get back to you as soon as we have further confirmation on exactly what the HiLux Mako is and, if indeed, it is destined to take on Ranger Raptor here in Australia. Stay tuned…

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