Six fresh alloy wheels for your American big rig

By Dex Fulton 4 Min Read

American “trucks” in Australia is hardly a new thing. Ford had the F-Trucks over here in the 70s, and then again in the late 90s; the last few years has seen the Ram 1500 sell in large numbers, ditto the Chevy Silverado. And let’s not forget that over the next year or two we’ll be seeing the new F150 along with the updated Ram and Silverado hit our shores. Hell, even Toyota are looking at importing the Tundra down under. If you’re into big American rigs, we’re living in the boom times, folks. 

There’s a lot to like about them too. Hefty dimensions, big engines, chunky diffs, easy towing and a better-than-healthy amount of aftermarket support thanks to our cousins in the Northern Hemisphere and their relative lack of modification laws that we in Australia can only look at wistfully and sigh. 


However, not all of the accessories for the ute-market big dogs come out of the US. Wheel Pros may have their head office in Denver, but their Aussie distributors have all of the best brands in the game and offer excellent pricing – supplied from right here in the country. We all know that having a schmick set of rims on your four-wheel drive can make all the difference in the sex-appeal department, and if you want to church up your full-size “truck”, then Wheel Pros have what you’re after. Have a look at our 6 top picks from their massive range, then jump online and have a surf through their slick style wizard to find a set of rollers that’ll turn your bus from “ho-hum” to “ho-lee-hell that looks good!”

KMC 235 Grenade Crawl (Ram 1500)

KMC are known in the rock crawling world as being strong, great looking and having a handy beadlocking function. We think you’ll agree that they also look as killer on a full-size Ram as they do on an Ultra 4 car.

Fuel D617 Podium (Ram 1500)

From side-by-sides to full-size rigs, Fuel Off-Road wheel look the business. The American brand looks right at home on the mighty Ram we reckon. 

XD 822 Monster II (Silverado 1500)

White truck, sexy black alloys. Much like Grandma’s apple pie, it’s a recipe that just works. Every damn time. 

Moto Metal MO809 Stinger (Silverado 1500)

Chrome may not get ya home, but it’ll make your dark-coloured ride stand out like that woman in the red dress from The Matrix (a good thing). 

Helo HE900 (Ford F150)

There’s something about that “freshly machined” look on a rim that just sets a whole vehicle look off. Both subtle and in your face – a bit like an F150, really. 

American Racing AR201 (Ford F150)

American Racing wheels paired with the big dog of American full-size rigs. ‘Nuff said. 


Wheel Pros are the go-to for rims for your American rig, or pretty much any other 4X4 you care to name as well. They have a huge range of the biggest brands on their website, which you can be magically transported to by clicking the below link:


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