Two-in-one: The Mean Mother Tyre Deflator and Gauge Kit

Mean Mother Deflator Gauge 3

The Mean Mother Tyre Deflator and Gauge Kit is a genuine two-in-one device.

It seems like every 4×4 accessory company has a tyre deflator of some kind in their line-up these days but the Mean Mother Tyre Deflator and Gauge Kit could well be described as “Same… but different.”


The Mean Mother Tyre Deflator operates in the same way as many other deflators that remove the valve from the valve stem and hold it in a captured state for fast deflation, but what makes this unit different is you can remove the deflator adaptor and replace it with a gauge adaptor, making this a genuine two-in-one device. And that’s why its official name is the Mean Mother Tyre Deflator and Gauge Kit.

When you fit the brass gauge adaptor, the device operates the same as any other analogue tyre pressure gauge. Just remove the dust cap, push it on to the valve stem and read the pressure, which is clearly displayed on the easy-to-read 50mm gauge in 2psi increments from 0-60psi. It’s also marked in kPa. The gauge itself has a chrome plated steel bezel ring and a rubber cover to protect it from drops, while the flexible braided air hose has a quick release adaptor on the end for fast adaptor changes.

Mean Mother Deflator Gauge 2
The kit comes in a zip-up bag that will fit in your glove box.

When you fit the brass deflator adaptor, you use the device as per other deflators on the market. Screw it on to the valve stem, unscrew the valve and pull out the sleeve to deflate the tyre. It was a little stiff on first use but our experience with such devices suggests it’ll loosen up after further use.

As there are three components, and a comprehensive instruction sheet for those who aren’t sure how to use a tyre deflator, the whole shebang comes in a handy zip-up bag with a netted section to house the disconnected adaptors and an elastic strap to hold the gauge in place. And it will easily fit in your vehicle’s glove box.

Check it out in the video below.

RRP: $59.95 (clearance price)

Website: Mean Mother Tyre Deflator and Gauge Kit




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