Valuable life lessons learnt camping off-grid

Tent under stars camping
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In life, there are plenty of things money can’t buy, and at the top of the list for me are the lessons learnt from time spent in the great outdoors. Until I’d gone camping, it was just a word to me, rather than the life-changing experience that getting out in nature truly is.


I’ve listed five valuable life lessons that I’ve acquired from my camping trips.

1. Connection starts when we’re disconnected

I for one am endlessly scrolling on social media, and I know I’m not alone in this. When you’re in the thick of the bush or out in the country, it’s rare you’ll even find one bar of service. Although you feel disconnected from the outside world, you’ll be more connected than ever before, both to your environment and the people you’re with. Sharing stories around the campfire, living in the present moment and taking it all in. There’s nothing better.

Friends at a campsite gathered around a fire.

2. Every day life is full of simple pleasures

When you’re squatting over a drop box, in the middle of the night, with no light and the faint sound of mosquitos buzzing, nothing would be grander than your own home bathroom. Many of us take for granted the simple pleasures in life such as a roof over our heads, clean water and warm meals. When you’re fending for yourself, you realise just how much you do have, in a world where most of us are focussed on what we haven’t yet acquired or achieved. That first shower after you arrive home is like liquid gold running over your skin. The first sip of coffee after a few days without your precious brew is like heaven. Going camping resets your gratitude receptors. Plus, it’s fun to rough it for a few days!


View from inside a tent at a campsite.

3. You don’t need that much stuff!

When you pack your bags, you realise that you don’t really need that much stuff. As long as you’ve got clothes on your back, food to eat, water to drink and a place to sleep, you’re pretty much set. Camping allows you to jump off that endless spending and buying cycle and realise that you have enough. 

Stainless steel cup at a campsite near a camp fire.

4. Nothing compares to the beauty of nature 

I don’t know about you, but where I live I can barely see the stars in the sky. There’s nothing I love more on a camping trip than laying by the fire and stargazing. Pointing out the different stars and constellations is not only fun but reiterates how small my day-to-day problems are in a universe so big. It’s a humbling experience to stare up at the stars. Just as much as it is to take in the majestic views of a valley at the top of a hike or jump into an icy cold natural pool that’s formed itself in the national park. 

View of mountains from inside a tent.

5. You’re more resilient than you think

Whether it’s lighting your own fire, sleeping outdoors or even boiling your own water, you’ll realise how resilient you truly are when you’re forced to be. Camping is a confidence boost as you prove to yourself how capable you are. Getting outdoors and ‘surviving’ is one way to reinforce our resilience.




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