What you need to know about Uniden’s new UH850S UHF radios 

Uniden radio

Uniden has dropped a splash of colour on their UH850S five-watt UHF radio range. In addition to the original black radio, the handheld will be available in both hi-vis orange and lime, making it that extra bit easier to locate in high-pressured situations. While these bright colours won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I would definitely feel more confident with one of these in my vehicle. Let’s face it, black doesn’t exactly stand out, does it? If you’re going to misplace something, you’d better hope it’s not your radio. Bring on the fluoro, I say. 


If you’re not up to speed with Uniden’s UH850S model then read on to get the low-down on its key features. 

Robust and waterproof 

This model has been built to withstand any outdoor environment, from outback road trips to construction sites. Adventurer or worker; it’s suitable for all.

Communication has never been better

The best feature is no doubt the Voice Enhancer and Smart Key. I used to work for an outdoor events company and man, do I wish we had this technology on-site. If you’ve ever been on the end of a crackling line then I’m sure you’ll understand my excitement.

Uniden’s Master Scan technology ensures communication remains clear and consistent; it will automatically move your conversation to a clear channel if you’re ever disrupted. The radio also features four different audio settings to improve voice clarity and overall performance. 

Five-watt power and 17-kilometre range

A few years ago hand-held UHFs were known to be convenient however, the audio clarity and range were serious drawbacks. Well, we’ve ticked off one of those above, but clear communication isn’t the only improvement Uniden has made. As the name suggests, this series has five watts of power and covers 17 kilometres in range. 

30-hour battery life 

With 30 hours of battery life and an auto battery save option, you don’t have to worry about your radio always running out of juice. 

How much are we talking?

  • Uniden UH850S-O UHF radio (orange): AUD $279.95
  • Uniden UH850S-L UHF radio (lime): AUD $279.95

Check out the Uniden’s UH850S range.




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