By Evan Spence 2 Min Read

We know this initially might not seem like the most exciting product release of all time. It won’t make your 4X4 faster, stronger or more appealing to your mates at the pub. However what it does do is solve a very important storage issue for what is realistically the most valuable piece of recovery equipment you own. Yes, the AceO’Spades shovel holder from Yakima is the Cadillac of shovel holders. It works in a similar fashion to a pair of handcuffs (not that we are familiar with how handcuffs work… honestly). Yakima is calling this a ‘pop and drop’ mechanism that allows for easy and quick use of the mount. It can even be locked for peace of mind. As the adjustable mechanism can be altered from 30mm to 55mm in diameter, you can use it for more than just shovels. Kayak paddles and jousting sticks are two examples of additional uses that come to mind… we aren’t here to judge how you spend your weekends.


Priced from: $69

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