A closer-look at the Clearview Accessories Power Boards

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Have you lifted your four-wheel drive recently? Added big tyres as well? Then maybe had a kid or two, or sadly you might have sustained a knee or back injury, and need a helping hand? Whatever the case, if you are reading this article, it’s probably safe to assume it’s because you are looking for a set of side steps.


What are they 

In the simplest of terms, Power Boards from Clearview Accessories, are a retractable side step. They have been designed to open or close, when you open or close the doors of your 4×4. Being a retractable design, this means us serious four-wheel drivers keep all their ground clearance when off-road. However as we usually lift our vehicles, and fit larger diameter tyres as well, this can make accessing the cabin tricky. Especially for those with, with exisiting injuries or those who may be slightly on the vertically challenged side…

Power Boards solve that problem. Tucked away when driving, deployed when a door is opened. See, simple! 

How do they work?

Clearview’s Power Boards are activated by the vehicle’s door sensor. The steps lower to a more useable and comfortable height to access or exit the vehicle. Once you close your doors, the Power Boards lift back up. Power Boards have been designed to neatly install under your four-wheel drive, between the wheel arches on both the driver and passenger side.

Nuts and bolts

Clearview Power Boards aren’t just about making vehicle access easier, they also have some significant engineering and safety features, including: 

  • A  300kg loading capacity per step means they have been built tough 
  • There’s a safety cut-off feature for uninterrupted protection
  • Solid mounting with two or three brackets per side, tailored to your 4×4, for extra stability
  • Advanced IP68 waterproof-rated motors because adventure doesn’t wait for the weather
  • An OEM style fit, eliminating the need for holes to be drilled, saving you time as well as being fully reversible
  • No Hassle maintenance of Clearview Power Boards — free from constant upkeep, easy to clean, and ready when you are

How much do they cost?

Clearview Power Boards start from $1649 up to $1799 for a complete kit, depending on what vehicle you own. For example, a set of Power Boards to suit a full-size RAM will cost a little more than say, a Ford Ranger, there is simply more material required.

See them in action 

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Will they fit your 4×4?

That’s a very fair question. Considering there is a wide range of Clearview Power Boards available, to suit many popular 4×4 makes and models, it’s fair to say they have the major vehicle manufacturers covered. A full list of the available makes and models, that Clearview has Power Boards available for, can be FOUND HERE.

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