Quad Lock says their new product sucks…

By Evan Spence 5 Min Read

We take a closer look at the new Quad Lock Suction Base and Action Camera accessories, to see if they are 4×4 tough.


What’s the story?

Sorry for the sensationalised headline, but this product from Quad Lock literally sucks… And that’s the whole point of it! To set the scene, I have a Quad Lock Phone Mount in my FJ Cruiser. I love it. Use it every time I drive the vehicle. So when I saw that Quad Lock had released a new Suction Mount base and Action Camera accessories, I knew I had to have them.

You see, most of the footage on the Unsealed 4×4 YouTube channel (you have subscribed, right?) is shot on a GoPro Hero 11. Having a quality suction mount system allows me to not only capture in-car recordings, it also means I can get the action happening outside the vehicle as well.

What’s new

● Quad Lock to Action Camera Adaptor: uses the Quad Lock’s renowned twist and
lock mechanism. Simply twist and lock your action camera onto any Quad Lock
motorcycle, bike, or car mount and start filming your adventures.

● 360 Head Action Cam Adaptor: For a more permanent setup, this adaptor offers a
secure screw-in option for your Quad Lock mount.

Suction Base

This is the brains of the operation. A simple to operate, yet so far super effective suction mount that works just as well on the windscreen as it does on the body of my 4×4. To operate the Quad Lock Suction Base, simply place it on the surface you want to attach your action camera (for example) and lower the little arm on the unit. Job done. To remove it, lift the little arm back up, and pull up the tab found on the mating surface. Anyone can use this product.


Action Cam Accessories

As you could imagine, there are more accessories available from Quad Lock, than I know what to do with. For my particular application, I want to run a GoPro or two, and my phone. So I have the Suction Base, Action Camera to Quad Lock Adaptor and the Action Camera Adaptor pictured below. The fit and finish is high quality, and I like that an Allen Key was included so I didn’t need to open the garage door.

The verdict?

Yep, these are wicked for 4x4s, boats, any outdoor activities really. The suction base is simple to use, and hangs on with tenacity. It’s left no marks on the paint of my 4×4, and at no stage has it looked like falling off.

The accessories are also of good quality, even attaching my GoPro took a little bit of effort, as the fit was so snug. This is what you want, when you’re hanging a camera worth a few $$$ off a moving vehicle, while driving over rocks. I need to trust my equipment when out in the field. If something is annoying, time consuming, or just doesn’t work, it will not be used again.

It’s safe to say I’ll be hanging onto the Quad Lock Suction Base, and I dare say I’ll be grabbing a few more as well as some additional accessories. If you like quality, and only want to buy a product once the first time, I can’t see how you could go wrong with this gear from Quad Lock.

How much?

The 360 Suction base will set you back just $44.95, which is a bargain. There are so many accessories, I won’t list them all. But I’ve put a link below to the Quad Lock website so you can check out the range. Addictive stuff!

Where to get them?

You can check out the range of Quad Lock goodies, including the 360 Suction Base by CLICKING HERE.

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