A closer look at the Rola Titan MKIII Tray 

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The MKII Titan Tray was released by Rola, back in 2018. In that time, not only has the product been a huge success for the brand, but they have used this period to learn a thing or two about the ever-changing four-wheel drive market. As well as what us four-wheel drivers want and need. Rola has been manufacturing cargo-carrying equipment for over 40 years after all. So, while the MKII was a good thing, Rola took feedback from owners on board and decided to release the MKIII Titan tray onto the market. So, what makes it an improved product from the MKII Titan tray it replaces?  


Ease of assembly and installation 

Time is money when it comes to workshops installing products. Not only that, but many people want the satisfaction of installing their own accessories at home. Rola said at the start of this development process, they wanted the MKIII Titan Tray to be simple. Be that simple to install, or simple to mount accessories onto. All you need is a few basic tools to get the job done. Instructions are included, as is the required hardware. To see what goes into the installation, of a Rola MKIII Titan Tray, simply CLICK HERE. This will show you if it’s a task that you feel you can handle, or perhaps you’d prefer one of Rola’s many stockists to handle it for you. 

Unique accessory channels 

Rola’s exclusive accessory channels used on the MKIII Titan Tray offer so much flexibility. They give you the option to choose where you would like to mount your gear. Be that awnings, LED light bars, high lift jacks, shovels, axes, recovery tracks, and storage bags. All of these and more can all be mounted within easy reach, ready when you need them. 

As you can imagine, there is a vast range of accessories available to further get the most out of your MKIII Titan Rack from Rola. This allows you to be creative and customise your Titan Tray perfectly to your needs.

So, how does it work? The extrusions incorporate a heavy-duty channel and entry slot. This accepts the Drop-&-Turn bolts provided with your accessories. Simply slide the bolt anywhere on the channel and tighten. It couldn’t be easier to safely secure your loads and accessories. 

Secure with ease

Rola has increased the versatility of the existing Titan Tray with new dual channels on top of newly adjustable planks, corner entry points to increase usable channel space and new under-plank attachment points for “S” and “J” hooks. Along with this new versatility, the tray has strengthened with Tray Rating increasing from 300kg to 400kg (you are still limited to your roof load capacity).

Ridge Mount also comes with a provision to secure electrical cables and have them hidden from line of sight. Cut-outs on the Ridge Mount not only make it lightweight and stylish, and allow you to install LED lights for your adventures.

Sizes available

Part numberLengthWidth
TFT312121200 mm1200 mm
TFT315121500 mm1200 mm
TFT318121800 mm1200 mm
TFT320142000 mm1400 mm

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