BlackWolf HexaTherm 3D Leisure mattress released

Blackwolf Hexatherm Mattress 1

BlackWolf HexaTherm 3D Mattress released claiming body conforming tech so you can get good nights sleep while out bush.

Whether it’s an air mattress that goes down overnight or a self-inflating sleeping mat that doesn’t seem to inflate right, BlackWolf reckons sleeping in the bush is about to get a whole lot more comfortable thanks to its HexaTherm 3D Mattress. Known for its range of 2D Deluxe Mattresses, the new-generation of mats, according to BlackWolf, uses its patented HexaTherm 3D technology which is intended to conform to your body shape (think memory foam on a mattress) but, at the same time, provide extra warmth compared to its other mattresses.


The outer surface of the mattress is made from 50D stretch fabric and a TPU coating, this is the sort of stuff used on life jackets because of it strength and longevity and ability to hold air longer than other materials; useful characteristics in a self-inflating mattress. The BlackWolf mattress is also waterproof and grease and stain resistant. The HexaTherm 3D Leisure Mattress has easy-inflate valves for quick inflation, and with a non-slip base won’t go sliding in your tent even if you’ve set up on a hill.

Weighing 5.5kgs the HexaTherm 3D Leisure Mattress is lightweight and compact enough to take on almost any adventure you have. You can get the mattress in both single and queen sizes. The BlackWolf HexaTherm 3D Single Leisure Mattress has an RRP of $329.99, while the queen is $429.99. For more information click these words




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