Create space for adventure! Rhino-Rack launch the new Reconn-Deck

Rhino-Rack Reconn-Deck

Introducing Rhino-Rack’s new Reconn-Deck

If you’ve been struggling for space when packing for your four-wheel driving adventures, then your waiting game is over. Rhino-Rack has recently released their sleek new Reconn-Deck, a brand new ute bed system that’s suitable for every type of adventurer. Want to find out more? No worries, we’ve covered it all below for you.


What is Reconn-Deck? 

Rhino-Rack Reconn-Deck on a truck
Reconn-Deck © Rhino-Rack

The Reconn-Deck is all about making space – for adventure preferably! The deck doubles cargo space, allowing you to carry bulkier cargo, additional gear, and specific equipment. That’s right – surfboards, bikes, skis, tents, or trading equipment – you name it, Reconn-Deck can carry it.

Rhino-Rack’s modular design is currently available for vehicles with tub rails Jeep Gladiator and RAM 1500 Crew Cab models.

The setup

Reconn-Deck surfing mode
Reconn-deck surfing and fishing setup © RHINO-RACK

Let’s start from the bottom. The deck consists of four towers plus crossbars and platforms. The cool thing about this is it’s fully customisable; there are countless ways you can set this up. Once the towers have been installed, you can choose between four unique setups. These include the Reconn-Deck™ Bars, Reconn-Deck™ NS Bars, and Reconn-Deck™ with Pioneer Platform and Vortex Bars. After the deck, it’s time to look into accessories! As a surfer, I’ve got my eye on the Pioneer Wrap Pads which will keep my surfboard securely locked in. Check out Rhino-Rack’s adventure setups.

Key features

Reconn-Deck offers a whole heap of benefits including:

  • Doubles your cargo space.
  • Comes with four towers crossbars and a fit kit.
  • Fixed height of 280mm, leaving enough room for easy access to your gear.
  • More room for bulkier cargo.
  • Secure core locks on Vortex, Reconn-Deck™ Towers, Reconn-DeckTM Bars and accessories. Additional secure locking covers available as accessories.
  • Channels on the Reconn-Deck™ Towers provide you with multiple points to mount accessories.
  • No drilling is required.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction.

Sounds pretty good, right? Get your hands on a Reconn-Deck, or find out more information here.

Rhino-Rack | Reconn-Deck Truck Bed System




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