First look at the new Lightforce BEAST LED driving lights

Damn, they are a good-looking set of driving lights, and that’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. But it’s what they offer in terms of versatility that I’m most looking forward to.

By Evan Spence 5 Min Read

We’ve just had a special delivery at Unsealed 4×4 HQ. A set of the brand new BEAST LED driving lights from Lightforce. Before we go and fit them up for a proper test, now that the product embargo has lifted, we want to first show you what the BEAST LED driving lights from Lightforce look like. As well as discuss some of the unique features of the BEAST. 


First impressions

Damn, they are a good-looking set of driving lights, and that’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. But it’s what they offer in terms of versatility that I’m most looking forward to. I also like the supplied wiring loom, which is of very good quality, with thick cabling. The cabin-mounted switch is a very sleek design, which will be easy to mount. This little switch also has a few party tricks…

What is the Lightforce BEAST?

The key operating difference with the BEAST, to other LED driving lights on the market, is the fact it has three operating modes. There’s Spot Mode, which delivers the most distance. Flood Mode, which provides more spread. And lastly, BEAST Mode – which as the name suggests, offers ALL the light. With the push of a button, you can quickly and simply change the light to suit the conditions you’re driving in. That’s pretty neat

Spot Mode: BEAST’s spot-beam pattern for long-distance visibility, perfect when you need to see down the road

Beam distance 1 LUX @ 1497m / 1637yds. Beam width 60m / 66yds

Flood Mode: Enhance safety on winding roads with BEAST’s flood beam pattern, offering an impressive 160-degree peripheral vision

Beam distance 1 LUX @ 778m / 851yds. Beam width 140m / 153yds

BEAST Mode: Press and hold to unleash the full potential of the lights. With extended beam distance and maximum width for long-range vision

Beam distance 1 LUX 1375m / 1504yds. Beam width 140m / 153yds

Key certifications

  • IP69K Ingress Protection for immersion, steam and fine dust.
  • IK16 impact-rated lens survives high speed rock impacts.
  • MIL-STD-810H 514.4 vibration and shock-tested.
  • Endures extreme temperatures, salt spray and chemical exposure.
  • Compliant to international safety standards for AU/NZ and USA markets. 
Note: The lights are just sitting in place, a bull bar is on the way. I couldn’t help myself and had to see what they looked like on the FJ

What Lightforce has to say 

Founder Dr. Ray Dennis expressed his enthusiasm for the BEAST stating, “The BEAST represents the result of Lightforce’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. We’ve crafted something really special here that sets a new standard for durability, versatility, and performance.”

He went on to add “In these times of economic uncertainty BEAST is a demonstration that we continue to do our part by helping to ensure local jobs and local manufacturing remains strong now and into the future”. Undoubtably the most important feature of the new light is summed up best by National Sales and Marketing Manager David Evans, “The BEAST Driving Light is not just another driving light, it’s revolutionising the driving experience for the end user. With its unique 3-mode operation, users can effortlessly switch between spot, flood, and the powerful BEAST mode all from the comfort of their driving seat.”

He goes on to add “seeing the wide smile on end users’ faces during the testing phase of development as they were able to change the light beam pattern and adapt to changing road conditions with the press of switch was something else indeed and it was at that moment, we realised something truly special had been created”. 

Lightforce BEAST pricing 

Pricing for the new BEAST LED driving lights from Lightforce starts at $599 for the single pack, and $1199 rrp for the BEAST twin pack.

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