The FJ Cruiser ute chop that broke the internet

By Evan Spence 4 Min Read

If like myself, you are lucky enough to own a Toyota FJ Cruiser… you’ll know they tend to get a bit of attention. I can’t go a week without someone sending a message asking if I’m driving through (insert suburb). I work from home, so chances are – it’s just another Magma Orange FJ Cruiser. 

What’s the story?

Well, the owner of this 2011 FJ Cruiser, Les Camilleri, must have wanted more attention. He certainly got it with a recent Facebook post. Tinman Fabrications (which Les is the owner of as well as the creator of this FJ Cruiser ute conversion) at the time of writing, had over 19,000 likes on the post sharing the release of this wild FJ Cruiser ute. Some people even commented that this is how Toyota should have built them. 


The ute chop 

To create the vehicle you see here, Tinman Fabrications grafted in a rear wall from a Nissan GU Patrol ute of all things. This meant less fabrication was required, not having to create a rear wall from scratch. The ute conversion was done at home in spare time. And took just over two years to get to this spot.

Tinman Fabrications specalise in ute conversions, so while the work was done at home, this is no DIY result. And no, it’s not done yet – but we’re looking forward to showing you more when it is finished. The FJ Cruiser ute has been built to be used as a daily driver, as well as an adventure and work machine. 

Chassis stretch 

As well as chopping the FJ Cruiser into a ute, the chassis was also stretched to allow a usable-size ute tray to be incorporated. This FJ Cruiser has been stretched 300mm, by Tinman Fabrications. In my opinion, this is the sweet spot. The wheelbase isn’t so crazy long that it would be useless off-road, but there’s now enough space for the tray.

When you think about it, with a GVM upgrade, you now have a comfortable single-cab petrol-powered ute, with coil springs, and disc brakes on all four corners. And it’s something different – the first ute-chopped FJ Cruiser in Australia that we know of anyway. 

The toolbox 

Nothing has gone to waste with this project. The rear end of the FJ Cruiser has been converted into a toolbox for the Tinman Fabrications workshop. A clever use of what would otherwise be scrap metal. 

Other projects 

This is the first FJ Cruiser Tinman Fabrications have created, however as they specialise in 4WD ute conversions, it’s another day in the office for them. Check out some of the other work they have been doing, on Y62, GQ and GU Patrols as well as 200 Series LandCruisers on the link above. 

We’d love to know what you think. Would you rock an FJ Cruiser ute?


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