The lightweight Inflatable Roof-Top Tent – GentleTent GT Sky Loft price announced

Gt Skyloft Rtt

GentleTent Australia has announced pricing for its inflatable roof-top tent, the GT Sky Loft, which is on-sale now from $5500.

Roof-top tents are big business in Australia right now and, on any given weekend or school holiday, you’ll see 4X4s carrying the things to escape the rat race. But they’re not light. And with many four-wheel drives having dynamic (driven) roof loads of less than 100kg (even less when driving off-road) weight is a super-important consideration.


Enter the GT Sky Loft. This inflatable roof-top tent weighs just 49kg and can be mounted to any type of roof rack. It sleeps up to five people with an opened floor space of 3.4m X 2m X 1.4m high, it measures 165cm X 145cm X 15cm when closed. Indeed GentleTent claim there’s so much interior space that you can divide the tent into two spaces. The GT Sky Loft has a giant skylight as well as four large mosquito windows. The tent is made from a breathable PolyCotton fabric which GentleTent say, “provides an outstanding indoor climate with breathability and UV protection.” The GT Sky Loft costs $5500 and comes in either grey and blue colours or grey and olive.

The GT Sky Loft can be mounted either lengthways on a vehicle or cross ways. If you’re mounting it lengthways then you’ll need a minimum of three roof bars with the tent opening being at the rear of the vehicle and supported by a telescopic ladder. If you’re mounting it crossways you’ll need two ladders (one at either end) to support the deck (a second ladder is available as a cost-option). Extra supports and ropes are available too.

As you can see in the main image, there are inflated tubes that form the structure of the GT Sky Loft; you start by inflating the base, then the two seperate sections on either side of the tent to create the shape of the tent and then three extra tubes for support. A cost-optional annexe is available that wraps around the base of the tent covering the ladder and creating an extra ‘room’. According to GentleTent Australia, this annexe can also be transformed into an awning with the use of telescopic poles and guy lines. The additional annexe includes a window on either side with mosquito netting.


Unsealed 4X4 asked GentleTent Australia’s GM, Jace Warden, about puncture resistance and he said, that it was a “very valid concern regarding the Australian conditions as this was something we were unsure of, but so far all products are holding up well and no damage or leaks. The double ripstop material, which covers the inner TPU air bladder, is very tough. We have set up annexes on some very interesting ground including rocky creek bed and campgrounds prone to thistles. We have not had problems yet; the inner TPU bladder is able to be easily repaired or replaced if something was to happen”.

And what about in the wind or during a storm? “We have tested the Sky Loft and the rest of our products in windy conditions. So far the most we have clocked with wind was around 70km wind, and everything held very well… The worst that can happen to our products in a massive storm is they will flex and bend with the wind. There are no components to break or twist”.

GentleTent Australia doesn’t just offer roof-top tents, offering a range of annexes for caravans and motorhome, as well as inflatable tents, shelters and even furniture.

Question: We’ve seen inflatable tents before, so, what do we think, is this sort of thing the way of the future.

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