Here’s what we think of the KickAss 12V Shower

By Mark Allen 5 Min Read

The convenience of a bush shower is pure luxury


Nope, I’ll not be posting a semi-nude, or even the full monte photos of me, while I casually walk to the shower enclosure to display the virtues of the Kick Ass shower. But I will tell you about my experience with it.

Since purchasing my KickAss lithium rechargeable shower, there has been an update to the product, cleverly called V2. So I’ll quote the new specifications while the photos and usage are of the previous version: V1.

Another point to note on this small camp shower is that no matter how well you expect or think it might work, it may well depend on how long and luscious your hair is, how much pressure you hope from the water flow, and how much water you might expect to use. This unit is not and will not perform anything like your home shower system. Now that we’ve got the fine print out of the way, here goes.

My review

All up, I reckon this KickaAss portable, lithium battery-powered camping shower is a ripper. Once charged and dunked into our shallow bucket of water, the gentle, constant flow was indeed enough for a refreshing shower. Washing my lanky frame and medium-length hair posed no problems. However, my partners long, curly locks were more of an ordeal, given the lack of water we had on hand to use. No, she declined to get a haircut, and no, I don’t dare ask her again!


A longer hose

The newer version incorporates a longer hose at 2.4 meters, which was one of my minor grips using the shorter hose. It also has a longer-lasting battery, but my version never fell short of power each time we used it for two showers at a time, which is rechargeable via the supplied USB cable.

Easily controlled

Given the on/off switch clips onto the shower supply hose, it’s always in a convenient position to control. Being so allowed us to easily switch on to wet ourselves down, switch off to lather and wash, and then switch on to rinse. That process saves plenty of water; however, if you had a larger supply or were sourcing from a river, there’d be no reason to skimp.

Gunk is kept out

The filter/strainer helps keep gunk from the pump’s internals, which is very important when sucking from a river.

What’s included

The kit comes with two interchangeable heads; we always use the broader shower head. The alternate narrower outlet is more beneficial for washing up or dowsing the dog to rinse it with a slightly higher force of water. 

Works with a Jerry Can

For those that tote wide-mouth jerry cans of water on camping trips, the 42mm diameter pump drops into the Jerrys’ opening, making for a convenient water source.

Heat your own water

This portable camp shower has no heating system; whatever temperature the water source is, you get at the shower outlet. We heated our water in a billy on the gas stove (about one-third hot and two-thirds cold) for a perfect, albeit quick, wash down.

How’s it stored?

The whole kit packs away into a small handy, circular, zip-up pouch, which packs away into our storage containers – a great compact system.

What I didn’t like

The biggest failure of our unit was the suction cup. The small diameter cup and metal hook were inadequate for holding the shower head in place while attempting to attach it to the metal or glass of the side of my Troopy. We slung a piece of rope up and draped the shower head through that, no worries.


The KickAss V2 shower sports a 2L/minute flow and a 3.7V 2200mAh lithium battery with a maximum 60-minute run time. A recharge takes two to five hours, a broad time statement I’ve never tried to measure. A 2.4-meter hose, dual heads and 42mm diameter pump are all standard and fit into the supplied zip-up carry bag.

For more information, check out or call (07) 3063 4211.

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