Hot or Not? How to transform your Jimny into a mini Defender

By Dean Mellor 2 Min Read

Hot or Not? A scaled-down Defender with a proper separate chassis and live axles… and Japanese oil seals and reliability?! Yes please.

Okay, so it’s not really a Defender but the ‘little D’ body kit from Japanese aftermarket styling house DAMD sure makes the Suzuki Jimny look like a Land Rover.


Little D 2

The complete package includes everything you need to turn your Zook into a Defender, including front grille, bonnet cover, front and rear bumpers and five ‘DEAN x little D’ 16 x 6J cross-country steel wheels.

Little D 5

According to the DAMD website, installation of the ‘little D’ kit requires basic hardware such as brackets, screws, nuts and bolts… and double-sided tape. Hmmm… sounds just like a real Defender.

Little D 3

DAMD offers another kit in the ‘little D’ range with 15-inch APIO WILDBOAR SR wheels. And for those who don’t want to fit the whole shebang, the kit components can be bought separately, including the front grille, badges and decals. DAMD even offers nostalgic seat covers with beige houndstooth or grey chequered patterns.

Little D 4

It might be small but the ‘little D’ body kit has a pretty big price tag; unpainted, the kit costs ¥450,000 in Japan, which translates to around $6800 in Oz, plus shipping and taxes. There is a distributor for DAMD products in Australia – Garage 88 based in the Sydney suburb of Eastern Creek – but at the time of writing we were unable to get in contact with them regarding local pricing or lead times; body kits are made to order.

Little D 7 Little D 6

Check out the DAMD ‘little D’ kit for yourself at

Little D 8

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